Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My Top 3 - Summer Scents

Hi all!

Dare I say that the weather seems to be getting better, the sun's out, the rain has stopped chucking it down...and maybe summer might finally be on the way. Well I blooming hope so, its May!

So I thought I'd tell you all about my top summer fragrances. Now I really don't go by the 'unwritten rule' that you wear fresh light fragrances in the summer. I wear what I like whether it's strong and musky or light and fresh, it doesn't really matter to me as long as I smell nice! ;-)

So these are my picks for my fav summer scents....

Flora by Gucci edp

If I had a sentence to describe this I would say...'it smells like summer in a bottle', and I really mean that. It's an amazing strong floral fragrance which has fantastic lasting power and really lifts my mood when I wear it.
It has notes of rose, mandarin and sandalwood and is described as a floral scent with a defiant femininity, much like the iconic floral print on the packaging, which was originally created for Grace Kelly, so it must be good! lol

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue - Dreaming in Portofino edt

This is a new fragrance but ever since smelling it I've fallen in love with it, and its more in keeping with the typical 'summer scent'. It's a more floral version of the classic D&G Light Blue but still fresh, and I prefer it a lot more compared to its classic counterpart.

It has notes of white rose, lemon and musk and is described at an alluring yet refreshing fragrance. The only negative about this is that it doesn't last very long which means you have to top up more regularly but since it smells so good I'll let that go! ;-)

Now bare in mind this is a limited edition summer fragrance and won't be around for long so I suggest going and smelling it because it really is great!

Chanel Chance eau Tendre edt

This is one of my favourite Chanel fragrances, and its essentially a floral/fruity interpretation of the original Chance edp. I love that's its lighter and sweeter than the original chance and its such a young girly fragrance perfect for summer. And I have to say that even though its an edt it lasts really well on me.

It has notes of grapefruit, hyacinth, jasmine and white musk, and is designed for the optimistic woman who believes in happiness and holds on to chance.

What do you think of my top picks? What are your favourites for summer?

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Friday, 18 May 2012

Quote of the Day...

Hi all!

Here's a short quote which made me smile...

'People are quick to complain about the weather but don't knock it...nine out of ten people couldn't start a conversation without it'
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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Clinique Mascara Swap

Hi all!

Just when I think the weather seems to be getting better what happens...that's right it gets wetter! (Sigh!) Anyway I thought this might cheer some of you up, oh yes its that time again...Clinique Mascara Swap!!!!

High Impact Mascara, High Lengths Mascara

So all you have to do is take an empty, full size, tube of mascara (any brand) to any Clinique counter in Debenhams and choose a deluxe sample of either of the top 2 mascaras! Simple!

But be quick as this offer is only on until 20th May. Tick Tock!

Will you be taking up this offer?

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Friday, 11 May 2012

Real Techniques Review

Hi all!

Time for another review, and this time its the Samantha Chapman Real Techniques Brushes.I've been using these brushes for about a month now so I've properly tested them so I can give you a detailed review.

Brushes I have

Core collection

Stippling Brush

Powder Brush

Where to buy and how much

You can buy these brushes from Boots (click here) which is where I got mine from, or they are available online at (click here).

I do believe that these brushes are all reasonably priced when compared to other brushes available on the market, I'm looking at you Mac! lol The brushes are cheaper on the website compared to Boots but only by £1 or £2, but I would suggest waiting for an offer like Boots 3 for 2. I got mine with this offer which made them even better value.


So let's start with how these brushes feel on the skin, because I don't know about any of you but I hate scratchy brushes, especially on my sensitive skin!

- All brushes are lovely and soft and feel great on the skin
- The powder brush is the softest
- The rubberised handle makes the brushes easy to hold so they don't slip out of your fingers (it's happened to me a few times!)


I love the whole concept behind the look of the brushes. The handles are different colours depending on what stage in the makeup process they are supposed to be used. I think this is such a simple but fab idea.

The bottom of the most of the handles are flat so that you can stand the brushes up, which I love. The way my make-up is set up the brushes always get lost in the back so with this I can stand them all up at the front of my makeup drawer. Great!


Core Collection

Buffing Brush
This is the best brush from the whole set, it really does make foundation go on so quickly, its perfect in the mornings when I'm half asleep trying to do my makeup. This brush give a great finish on the skin, there are no streaks or obvious foundation lines it really does buff the foundation into the skin. It works wonders when I'm using a heavy duty foundation like my Double Wear which normally takes ages to blend in but the time is halved with this brush!

Contour Brush
A lovely brush, great for people that use bronzer on a daily basis. I personally don't use bronzer and I rarely contour but I have done to test this out and its quite good. The size is just perfect to fit under the cheek bones to sculpt them and the brush nicely blends out the bronzer too.

Pointed Foundation Brush
I have actually been using this for applying concealer under my eyes! I have quite dark circles around my eyes and this brush perfectly fits around them which makes applying concealer easier and quicker.

Detailer Brush
I've just been using this to apply lipstick and its a bog standard lip brush nothing special but not bad either.

Powder Brush

I love using this brush for applying my powder, mostly because it feels so soft on the skin but also because its massive! It makes applying powder very quick and easy...simple!

Stippling Brush

I have used this brush with all different types of foundation: cream, liquid, mineral and it works wonderfully with each one. The finish it gives the skin is amazing it really makes you look like you have flawless skin which is perfect for someone like me who doesn't have perfect skin. The fact it is quite small means you can really work the foundation into the skin and though it takes longer then the buffing brush it really is worth the extra time to get the 'pefect look'.


I wash all my brushes the same way, with some baby shampoo. I've read some other reviews saying that these brushes dry really fast but I didn't find that. They dried at the same speed as all of my other brushes which is fine. I always wash them in the evening and they are all dry by the morning so its never a problem.

My Favourite

I love all of these brushes but the one I tend to reach for most days and the one that works the best with all different types of foundations has to be...

The Stippling Brush!!!

I would say if you only had to pick one of these brushes go for this one, its guaranteed to give you a natural yet flawless base which will get you complements! ;-)

I hope this review has been helpful, do let me know your thoughts.

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Monday, 7 May 2012

Outfit of the Day

Hi all!

Me and 2 lovely friends had a trip into Westfield in Shepherds Bush to shop...of course...and I thought I'd show you what I wore....

Brown floral blouse - Primark
Deep plum/ aubergine chinos - Republic

Brown Satchel - Primark

Beige boat shoes - Primark

What do you think of the outfit?

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

May Magazine Freebies!

Hi all!

So another month means another set of magazine freebies...yay!!! I'm so glad we have this concept here in the UK as I know quite a few countries that don't do these. are the goodies you should all look out for:

Easy Living

With this months Easy Living magazine you have the choice of 1 of 2 free travel sized gifts:
- Rituals Wai Wang exfoliating body scrub, or:
- Rituals Mei Dao body cream
Together they are both worth £10, I've heard great things about Ritual products so this would be lovely to try.

Marie Claire

This freebie would be perfect for all you make-up junkies out there! With the magazine you get a full size Body Shop lip & cheek stain in a choice of 2 colours, either Bronze Glimmer or Rose Pink. And this gift is worth £10 in shops! Fab! :-)


Next up, with Glamour this month you get to choose 1 of 3 L'Occitane skin treats, which are either a cleansing gel, a facial toner, or a hydration cream! Sounds good to me! :-)


Finally with InStyle magazine you get a choice of 1 of 3 Nails inc nail polishes worth £11 each! The 3 colours are: Peach Sorbet, Bluebell or Power Pink, all colours are limited edition and made for the magazine so if you like the sound of it pick them up quick!

So which one are you going to pick? ;-)

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)