Thursday, 22 November 2012

Selfridges 20% off!!!!!!

Hi all!

So its that amazing time of year where department stores have discount events, and like last year Selfridges has their annual 20% off event in store!! I love it! :-)

So if your in the process of buying your Christmas pressies I would strongly recommend checking this out. Especially if you want something a little extra special for your loved ones.

You can pop in store or shop online, the voucher code to use online is SELF20 to get 20% off fashion, homeware and accessories. Use the code SELF10 to get 10% off fragrance, wine and beauty. And don't stress about not having enough time the discount runs from 22 November - 25 November, so you have a few days. Happy Shopping!! :-)

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Free Ojon Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi all!

Today I'm blogging about a fantastic offer, on Thursday 8th November you can take any empty shampoo bottle, no matter how much it cost, and swap it for a full size Ojon Damage Reverse Shampoo and Conditioner!

So pop into your local Ojon retailer to take up this great offer. Unfortunately for me I don't have an Ojon retailer any where near me, but I will try to get my aunty to pick one up for me...hopefully!!

And the great thing is that your empty bottle will be recyled for energy recovery. Great hair and helping the environment...yes please! ;-)

Let me know whether you manage to pick this up.

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends

Hi all!

So the weather has officially changed, its blooming cold now!

This means that its not only time for a change in your wardrobe but also your make-up bag. I've been doing a bit of research about the key trends for the colder months, and of course I wanted to share them with you all. Hope you enjoy.

Gothic Lips

Colder months call for darker clothes and make-up is the same this season. So go for plum and maroon tones on your lips. This look can be scary for some of us who are a bit afraid of dark lips but you don't have to go all out. Use a stain, or dab on the lipstick gently and blend with fingers. This way you still have the colour but it won't be so intense and scary!

Remember to keep the rest of the face neutral, in fact I would steer clear of blush and eyeshadow. Let the lips do the talking (pun intended! lol) but don't forget to apply loads of mascara, it adds to the drama of the look and makes your eyes stand out too.

Bold Flicks

If your someone who likes to ephasise your eyes then you'll love this key trend. Keep your make-up simple and light, then go full whack on your eyeliner. The bolder and thicker the line the better, and don't be afraid to flick that line out! I personally love this look and I will be attempting the bold flick...wish me luck!

Flushed Cheeks

This trend is very cute and I think something girls will like to wear. Just imagine the've been out in the cold weather and you've come home with natural pinky flushed cheeks. So thats the aim with this look lol. Go for lighter pinks on the apple of the cheeks, but don't forget to blend, you want it to look natural not like a clown!

So there you have it, these are my favorite make-up looks. I hope you've enjoyed this post, it's one of my favorite ones to do. :-)

Let me know your thoughts. Will you be rocking any of these looks?

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Chanel No 5....Inevitable?

Hi all!

So the beauty world was buzzing when news broke of the release of a new campaign for the iconic Chanel No 5...fronted by none other than....Brad Pitt!!! And the advert is finally here so I had to share it with you lovely people.

Pretty non?

I have to say that I quite like it. It's such a clever move by Chanel. Pick a handsome man that says he loves woman who wear Chanel No 5 and incorporate two models in the T.V advert who may or may not resemble some ladies in his life *cough* Jennifer and Angelina *cough*. Also I LOVE the tag line, that Chanel No 5 is...inevitable. I actually quite agree with this. It's such a classic and internationally known fragrance, some may say the most famous. And women who love perfume i think will eventually wear this, at some point or another. I know when I'm older I definetly will.

So what do you think about this move by Chanel? And would you ever wear No 5, now or later?

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Until next time keep smiling :-)

Saturday, 6 October 2012

October Magazine Freebies...

Hi all!

It's that time again...yes amazing magazine freebies! I'll get straight to it...

In Style

New Bond Girl Naomie Harris is the cover girl this month, and the freebie is great too! You have the choice of 1 of 3 mini Benefit products all 4ml. Either:
- Bene tint
- Cha cha tint
- Sun beam
You also get a voucher for a free mini Benefit mascara (you'll have to go to a counter for this), which is a great bonus!

The magazine is on offer in Tesco for £2.50 so I would urge you to check your local store to get this bargain. I can imagine this may sell fast as its Benefit and these magazine freebies are like hot cakes!

Marie Claire

The lovely Taylor Swift is on the cover of the magazine this month with an equally lovely free gift! You can choose 1 of 4 L'Occitane hand creams in 30ml! Either:
- Shea Butter
- Date Bouquet
- Rose Petals
- Mango Flowers
Wow! This looks like a fab range of hand creams, and I have owned L'Occitane hand creams before and they are amazing, and I have very dry skin and they really work for me, plus they smell fab too!

This magazine costs £3.70, so get shopping.

Easy Living

Emma Bunton is on the cover with with a choice of 1 of 2 Cowshed hand creams, 50ml each. Either:
- Cow Pat hand cream
- Cow Slip hand cream
Yeah I know, the names are weird but I have heard great things about this brand and I think it would be a great one to pick up especially as the weather is getting colder.

So there you have it, your magazine freebies of the month. Any takers??

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Monday, 24 September 2012

Emmy Fashion Hits!

Hi all!

So the Emmys happened yesterday and of course my eyes were on the fashion! As usual there were some real stand out stars and those that stood out for the wrong reasons! I wanted to share my favourite looks from the red carpet....enjoy!

Tina Fey

Tina wore a gorgeous purple Vivienne Westwood gown with Fred Leighton jewellery. I adore this colour and the detail on the bust, it really looks amazing on her. Well done!

Emily VanCamp

Emily VanCamp wore this chic tulle J Mendel gown with Van Cleef and Arpels jewellery. I love it, the way the fabric drapes is so pretty and I love the detail on the gown. She kept the hair simple which I think was the right idea, and though its not an 'in your face' colour it looks great! P.s if you don't know who Emily is she's on the amazing show called current obsession. I would highly recommend you check it out! lol

 Zoey Deschanel

Zoey looked like Cinderella in her powder blue Reem Acra princess gown. Its just so pretty, I adore the full skirt of the dress and....well I cant say any more! lol

January Jones

January Jones brought the drama at the Emmys red carpet in her Zac Posen dress. Its so gothic and chic she really stood out from the others, most of whom had opted for bright girly outfits. January pulled her hair back and went for smoky eyes to add to the look. She looks like a catwalk model!

Heidi Klum

Supermodel Heidi wore a stunning sea green Alexandre Vauthier gown, showing a lot of skin! But she is Heidi Klum after all so you can't expect anything less (or more!) from her. lol. 

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden wore a blue and gold Marchesa gown. I really like this. She looks great and the dress is so different and so intricate, I love the draping and the colours. Everything about this screams beautiful!

 So there you have it my lovely people, my top looks from the Emmys. Let me know what you think, and which do you like the best??

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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Whats Chic this Week...

Hi all!

It's been a long and tiring week and I've found I've been oversleeping in the mornings! Which means I don't have a lot of time to put my make-up on. That's why I've been reaching for my chic product of the week, which is....

Mac Face and Body foundation!!

This is honestly the easiest foundation to apply, probably because its quite light and there's no need to spend ages blending! Now I don't have the best skin at all but i still like this foundation. I've been preferring the light look recently as my skin has been playing up and I don't like covering it with a thick foundation.

A great product and I would highly recommend it if you want something quick, easy, light and natural!

Have you used Face and Body, if so what do you make of it?

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Fashion Inspiration

Hi all!

I feel so bad for neglecting my blog for so long, sorry guys. I've recently started a new job and its pretty intense which means less time to research and blog about make-up and beauty! :-(

But I'm back today with a little post about some AMAZING clothes I've seen. Lately I've been seeing Erdem everywhere! The clothes have been on loads of celebs and they are beautiful. Here are some pics, and I'm sure you'll agree.

Here's Emma Watson at a premiere

Kate Middleton on tour

Michelle Williams (this is a few months old but great nonetheless)

The floral theme in the Spring Erdem collection is so pretty, i really think they look so girly but chic and fun. A fab collection.

What do you think?

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Sunday, 2 September 2012

August Nail of the Month - Glitter Marbles

Hi all!

This month I have come across such amazing nail art techniques which give a professional effect on nails. There is one in particular I think looks fantastic and so different and its become my fav look of the month. Here it is....

Soo cute right! I love this look! This is known as the marble/watercolour nail mine may not be as good as others out there but I'm really happy with how they look especially as I'm not the best at nail art! lol Also this was soo easy to achieve, and the fact that it doesn't have to be neat is great...i have trouble staying inside the lines and being neat! ;-)

1. Boots 17 - 'Forever' 2. Rimmel - 'Pop Rose' 3. No.7 - 'Lucky Lilac' 4. MUA - 'Shade 5'

Step 1 -
Apply a nude base colour, for this I used 1. (see above) but you could use any nude colour or white if you'd prefer.

Step 2 -
Once the base has completely dried take any 3 colours you'd like to use for the look, I used 2, 3 and 4 (see above). Then just dap blobs of all 3 colours roughly onto your nails, you don't have to be neat.

Step 3 -
Take cling film or a plastic bag cut up, then place on top on the nail and press gently so that the colours mix together, then remove. Do this with all nails.

5. No.7 Top Coat 6. Chit Chat - 'Gold'

Step 4 - optional
Apply a glitter top coat for added sparkle I used 6 (see above).

Step 5 -
Put on your favourite top coat, I used 5 (see above). Then of course you'll need to do a lot of cleaning up around the nails!

And that's it! You should have fabulous nails which will get a lot of attention, mine did and I loved that people were so intrigued, it was so easy and I got a great result. :-)

Will you be trying this look out?

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Whats Chic This Week...

Hi all

So I've jumped on the Revlon just bitten balm stain bandwagon (that was a mouthful!) and I have really been loving these fab products...they are definitely worth the hype!

I only have two colours at the minute, Romantic which is a pretty red and Rendezvous which is a coral ornagey shade. I've got my eyes on two others I really like the look of and I can't wait to pick them up.

This week I've been wearing the shade romantic non-stop, and normally I'm quite scared of red lipstick. Its not that I don't wear bright colours, I do, but there is something about red which I think I cant pull off. But this lip stain is different and so easy to use.

It has a minty smell and makes the lips tingle a bit when applied, a feeling I love. Its really moisturising too so my lips don't dry out which is a massive plus for someone who has constantly dry lips. And the colour pay off is excellent! I was really surprised as I thought it would be quite light but you can go full whack and get brighter red lips or just dab it on for a lighter look. Very versatile. Also this lasted on my lips for really does stain your lips and I cant say enough good things!

Overall I would highly recommend it to all you lovelies, and whats better is that its currently on sale in Boots and Superdrug for £5.99, normally £7.99.

What are your thoughts?

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I don't need, but I really want...

Hi all!

So I'm currently on a self-imposed shopping ban! Though my friends would beg to differ....and while I say shopping ban I really mean 'expensive' purchases. It would just be criminal if I couldn't buy anything! ;-)

Anyway after the said ban was introduced (and I should explain its because I'm in saving mode for something rather special!) I have been so tempted to spend! And because I can't physically buy these things I thought I could post about them on here and share my love for them! HeHe.

So here they are...

- Top Shop Leather Biker Jacket £165

- YSL Touch Eclat Foundation £28

- Carvela Studded Flats (John Lewis) £95

- Monica Vinader 18ct Rose Gold Fiji Bracelet - £125

Ahhh I want them all but for now I can only dream....but I guess we all have these types of lists so let me know what you want but don't really need. It might make me feel better! ;-)

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Saturday, 18 August 2012

August Magazine Freebies...

Hi all!

I spotted some magazines in my local WHSmiths with some great freebies, so here they are...


Th cover star for this September issue is the beautiful Rosie Huntington-Whitely, and you get the choice of 1 of 3 Jemma Kidd Define Stay Put Liners worth £14! I picked up the bronze colour 'copper' and it looks lovely.


Supermodel Cindy Crawford is the star of Tatler this month, and in the magazine you get a free trail size of the new Lancome Hypnose Star mascara. I quite like the hypnose mascara and so I'm hoping this one will be just as good as the original.

Will you be picking any of these up?

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Monday, 6 August 2012

balance Me. Rose Otto Lip Salve...

Hi all!

Hope your all doing well. So I'm back with my a mini review of my product of the moment which is...

Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve by the company Balance Me. I got a full size of this free in last months Glamour magazine and I'm so glad I did because I love it!

I'm the type of person who always has dry lips, I'm not sure why and its really annoying but its something I have to live with. I'm also obsessed with lip balms I have all different kinds form cheaper Vaseline to the more expensive eight hour cream. But I always keep my eyes peeled for new ones (not that I need any more!).

On the website this is described as...
'A daily beauty must for salve addicts! It will plump, smooth, give long-lasting protection, an leave lips kiss-ably soft.'

The salve is 100% natural and petroleum free, it contains organic Shea, cocoa butters, jojoba oil and many other great ingredients. This brand is really great for producing natural products with skin-friendly ingredients and no nasty chemicals.

This salve is super moisturising it is nice and thick just how I like my lip products and it really hydrates my lips really well. It also lasts for quite a few hours so I don't need to re-apply for a while, it does have a very strong smell, quite herbally but I actually like the smell. For those out there that don't like strong smells you may not like it, but the smell does disappear so I think it would be fine.

This product does remind me of eight hour cream which I also love so if you have that you can give this a miss....but I love it. :-)

You can buy this from the Balance Me website (here) and it costs £12 for 10ml (not cheap by any means, which is why I'm glad I got a back-up in Glamour mag).

Have you tried this, or will you be buying it?

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Thursday, 2 August 2012

New Fragrance Alert! Miss Dior Le Parfum

Hi all!

So today I was lucky enough to have a sneak peek at the new Dior perfume which will be releasing towards the end of August! I cannot tell you how excited I am for its release, in a nutshell its....AMAZING!!!

The fragrance will be called Miss Dior Le Parfum, and from the information I managed to find it is a rewriting of the original Miss Dior which has been transformed into something intense yet delicate. It is a floral symphony with notes of rose absolute, vanilla, Mandarin and amber.

This fragrance is a intense Eau de Parfum, essentially similar to a pure perfume which means it has excellent lasting power and will linger for absolutely ages! And as a result it will come in a 40ml bottle the price tag of which reflects both its name and nature. This perfume wonder will retail for £62.99! Expensive...yes, but worth it...100%!

Also as you can see from the picture the bottle is in the same style as the other Miss Dior fragrances however there are a few differences. The liquid inside the bottle for one is a darker colour probably because its an intense perfume. Also there is a silver plaque with the name embossed on it, and it has a lovely metal bow in the lid. Its beautiful!

Having smelt it I have to say it is such a classic scent, very powerful but not so that it gives you a headache. Its in stark contrast to the barrage of 'young' scents which have been released in recent years, I'm thinking Lady Million, Escada, Gucci Guilty etc. but its not to say I don't like these fragrances because I do but the Dior really is in a league of its own. It is grown up, sophisticated and it reminds me of a strong Arabic scent, which if you've smelt any you'll know are very unique and powerful. I have to say I haven't fallen in love with a perfume like I have with this in a long time.

I really cant say enough good things about this fragrance and I really want to have it now! But I guess another few weeks won't hurt. And all I can say to you all is...go and try it when it releases, and then you'll know what I mean. After all its not described as a Couture perfume for no reason

So are you as excited as I am??

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Saturday, 28 July 2012

New YSL logo...

Hi all!

So recently I did a post about how Yves Saint Laurent were changing their same to Saint Laurent Paris (if you haven't read it click here)...well the new logo has been released and I thought you'd like to see the results....

So there we have the new logo. I for one really don't like it at all, I just cant understand why they would mess with such an iconic name and logo. But I guess its something we'll have to get used to!

What are your thoughts on the new logo? Let me know in the comments.

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

July Magazine Freebies!!!

Hi all!

I was in M&S and walked by the magazine section and spotted sooo many free gifts with different magazines that I couldn't wait to get home and write a post. I got a little carried away and almost brought the lot...but I was with my my mum so had to show some control!

So without further adieu here are the fab gifts you guys should look out for...

Marie Claire

The cover has the beautiful Marion Cotillard on it and the free gift is a choice of three full size Avon mascaras which are worth £10! The magazine itself will cost you £3.70 so its a bargain! I do love Marie Claire magazine, its a great read, plus I already have an Avon mascara and its great.

You can choose from the following mascaras:
* Super Curlacious Mascara
* Super Shock Max Mascara
* Super Extend Extreme Mascara

Harper's Bazaar

The cover model for Harper's Bazaar is the gorgeous Miranda Kerr (who I love!) and the free gift is a choice of two 50ml Neom Luxury Organics hand creams! These sound amazing and I think a definite must for those, like me, who get very dry hands all year round. The magazine costs £4.20 and a full size (75ml) Neom hand cream costs £20.00. Bargain!

You can choose from the following hand creams:
* Inspiration hand cream (with violet, chamomile and ceder wood)
* Complete Bliss hand cream (with Moroccan blush rose)


The Elle cover girl is Mila Kunis (and she looks amazing, I love the styling on this shoot) and the free gift is a choice of two St.Tropez Gradual Tan Body Moisturisers. Personally I don't use fake tan but I have heard great things about this brand. The magazine costs £3.90.

You can choose from two shades of the tan:
* Light/Medium
* Medium/Dark


With Kate Beckinsale on the cover the free gift with Glamour is a choice of four Balance Me skincare products, all travel sized. The magazine is £2.00.

You can choose from:
* Pure Skin Face Wash (50ml)
* Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve
* Balancing Face Moisturiser (20ml)
* Wonder Eye Cream (7ml)


Jools Oliver (Jamie Oliver's wife) is on the cover of Red magazine which is giving away a free Ren skin care kit! The magazine is for £3.90 and the kit is worth £16 so its a great deal. I've never tried Ren so this may be my chance, and yours!

In the kit you get:
* Vetiver v7 Hand and Body cream (15ml)
* Hydra-Calm Global Protection day cream (15ml)
* Radiant Eye Gel (3ml)

And that's the lot...phew!! So has this post tempted you to get any goodies? Let me know what you'll get and if you have any of these what you think...

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation

Hi all!

Make-up lovers all over the world would have jumped with joy when they heard of the release of this foundation...and I was one of them. And when I spotted this in my local Debenhams I could not wait to give it a try. The MUA was very helpful and gave me a 7 day sample of the foundation, and then put my name on the waiting list....yes there is one and it was very long! :-o

I've been using it for a little while now and thought I'd share my thoughts with you lovely ladies....

The Claim

The new YSL foundation is a bold, unique formula to target shadowy areas and define contours. A magic light infused within a weightless fluid. A texture that has no mask-like effect. A formula free of opaque powders that evens the complexion and erases imperfections, enhancing the face's natural features.

Colour Range

I have to say that YSL have been very good in having a wide-variety of colours to suit most skin tones...thank goodness! They have organised the colours into 3 families; rosy beige (BR), golden beige (BD) and natural beige (B).

I was perfectly matched and I was really pleased how the colour suited my skin tone so well. It's normally such a hassle for me to find a good match to my skin, but I love how the colour looked on me.

The Packaging and Price

Since this is YSL I'm sure you'll all know, without me even saying, that the packaging is beautiful. The foundation is housed in a heavy glass bottle with a gold lid...very pretty and it looks and feels expensive. This is one foundation you will have front of house on your dressing table! ;-)

And you will all be pleased to know that it comes with a pump!!!! YAY!!! I am so glad they did this, its one of my pet peeves when foundations don't have a pump, especially when the brand makes you buy a separate one *cough Nars *cough. So well done YSL.

Now onto price, this bad boy comes in a standard 30ml and will cost you £28.00. Now I think this is quite reasonable for a high-end foundation, its obviously not cheap but its not too expensive so I'm quite happy with the price.

My Thoughts

It's kind of like a gel type texture, its not runny and its a bit creamy too when you apply it. It feels lovely and weight-less on the skin, honestly you cant even tell your putting foundation on! It also smells quite fresh to me, definitely no strong foundation smell a la Double wear. So for all those that hate strong smells you'll be happy with this.

It applies like a dream! If really does just glide onto the skin and I find a little goes a long way, so I would advice using a small amount and building up if you need it. I really like using a traditional foundation brush to apply this, I think because of its consistency it works better with this type of brush. But fingers would also work good too. The MUA told me that YSL were bringing out a special brush to be used with this foundation...and it costs more than the actual foundation! No thank you.

This foundation can give you a medium coverage, it will not give you full coverage, and if that's what your looking for then this may not be for you. Now personally I like medium to full coverage as I don't have the best skin....but I really like the coverage this gives, and there's always concealer for those annoying areas which need some extra attention.

Now of course this gives you a fabulously dewy look to the skin. It also manages to look natural on the skin like you just have inner glow coming through, and not that your wearing any foundation. I love this about the foundation. I'm always on the look out for a foundation which gives me coverage but also looks natural which isn't easy, but this does just that.

Now be warned though that this can get a bit too glowy when you've warn it for a while. I have normalish skin and I found after a few hours of wear it got a bit too dewy for my liking (not massively so that I looked like an oil slick, but still), so I'm a bit worried that those with oily skins may suffer. But if you have the right powder to set it with then maybe it would work. But be warned, if you don't like the glow don't pay the dough!

Lasting Power
On my skin this lasted pretty well. I wore it for a full day to a party and when I got home and took it off late in the evening it was still there, no issues. Of course if you find foundation doesn't last on you then the normal rules apply, primer and powder till your hearts content!

Overall Thoughts

Overall I have to say...I LOVE this foundation, its really great. And I was a tad sceptical about it as I like more of a fuller coverage and a satin finish....but there is something about this that has me feeling like I cant wait to do my make-up in the morning!

I would highly recommend this to everyone, even if you don't normally go for this type of foundation you should still try it. I suggest popping to your local counter and asking for a sample and giving it a go...what do you have to lose? And to all those who love it like me, its releasing in the UK on 9th July so purses at the ready! ;-)

Will you be trying it?

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Calling all Potterheads!!!!

Hi all!

I'm back today with a non-beauty related post...I couldn't resist...and for all Harry potter fans out there I'm sure you'll all appreciate this and understand why!

So you may be aware of the Harry Potter Studio Tour which started in April this year, and if you don't then where have you been! lol. Basically the studio in Leavesden where the films were mainly shot has been opened to the public so all Potter fans can go and see the real life sets used in the films! Amazing I know! :-)

I went recently for my birthday and I thought I'd briefly share some pics and thoughts on the day. I won't go into too much detail for all those that want to go and experience everything new, and also once I get started I won't be able to stop!


The Great Hall

Diagon Alley
Magnificent Hogwarts Model

These are just a few aspects of the Tour (there is a heck if a lot more!). These pictures don't do the sets justice, they are all so incredibly detailed its quite unbelievable. And all the props are fantastic too, seeing them is so strange as now every time I see a film I always think oh I've been there and I've seen that! I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed if you go, in fact even those who aren't fans will appreciate the craftsmanship and detail put into every single aspect of the film.

So will you be going???

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Monday, 2 July 2012

June Nail of the Month: Duo-chrome chic

Hi all!

June just flew past, I didn't even realise it was July until someone told me!!! Its gone too fast. Anyhoo here's a nail look which I was loving in June, something a bit different which I stumbled across when I was experimenting on a boring Sunday! lol

It was quite difficult to capture the different colours, but I tried my best. I absolutely loved this nail look, my nails always looked different in different lights. There was a mix of navy, gold, red, green and blue! Very pretty and I liked that it was dark too. :-)

I experimented with 2 different nail polsihes, which were...

Rimmel Lasting Finish polish- Midnight Blue and Max Factor mini polish- Fantasy Fire

Another reason I used these 2 together was because the Max Factor nail polish is sooo sheer! And I couldn't be bothered to sit around and apply 5 coats of polish so I opted to use an opaque base coat. The Rimmel polish really only needs 1-2 coats, its a lovely deep navy colour, very pretty, the only down side is that it stains your nails!

With these 2 polishes my nails lasted very well, in fact they lasted a week and by the end there was only minor wear on the tips, which is pretty darn good.

Hope you guys liked my nail look, let me know your thoughts and any combos which work well for you.

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Sunday, 24 June 2012

What's Chic this Week...

Hi all!

It's that time again to tell you all what I've been loving this week, and despite having a weird week where I've been using pretty much the same things, there has been a stand-out product. And that product is...

Soap and Glory Hand Food!!!

I've found that my hands have been felling extra dry and tight this week, a feeling I hate. I have quite a few hand creams which I alternate between but I just found myself reaching for this particular hand cream and I've been using it all week.

Its described as a non-greasy hydrating hand cream with Shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow and its scented with Soap and Glorys Original Pink fragrance. And it claims that it may be the most astonishing hand cream ever!!!

Well, the cream itself is lovely, its a great texture, not too thick but also not too thin and it sinks into the skin really well and quite quickly. I wouldn't say its the most astonishing cream ever but it is a great everyday hand cream. I have the pump bottle so its quick to put on just before I leave my room, and I find that I don't need a lot of it so I'm sure it will last a while. For everyone that has used any Soap and Glory products you will know they smell amazing!! Now usually I don't go for fragranced skincare products but with this I don't mind, in fact I love the smell.

Also I find with this cream it leaves my hands feeling lovely and hydrated for a fair amount of time, you don't need to re-apply that often, though I still do as I just enjoy using it. lol. However if you have sever dry skin then this may not be enough for you. However I would definitely recommend this to most people whether they have dry skin or not as its an all round great hand cream.

You can buy this hand cream from Boots, and currently they have a 3 for 2 mix and match promotion on which is great (here).

So that has been my chic product of the week. Do let me know if any of you have used it and your thoughts on it.

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Friday, 22 June 2012

YSL or SLP??

Hi all!

I hope all you lovely people are doing well and enjoying the summer (except in England where there is no Sun!!)

Today I came across some very intriguing news about YSL which I thought you would find interesting. Yves Saint Laurent is changing its name!!

Basically the newly appointed YSL creative director, Hedi Slimane (former creative director of Dior Homme), has been given full creative control over the brand. He has said he wants to modernise the brand and his idea of doing this is by changing the name. :-/

Hedi wants the brand to be known as Saint Laurent Paris rather than Yves Saint Laurent! But fear not as the iconic YSL logo will stay the same....for now.

I really don't know what to make of this, frankly I think its a terrible idea and it will take a very long time for the new name to take, if it will at all. I can't see how the original name would seem old-fashioned it's such a big name in fashion. YSL is known world-wide by pretty much every person, its so big and it seems so strange to call it something else...But I guess they gave this major thought before making the decision. The world of fashion is a weird place don't you think?

At this time a saying comes to mind...if it ain't broke don't fix it! So I'm sorry to say Hedi I think your making a big mistake...but what do I really know! lol

What do you make of the change? Do you like the new name?

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Monday, 18 June 2012

What's Chic this Week...

Hi all!

So another week comes to an end and another chic product makes it on to my blog! :-)

So whats been chic this week (well technically last week wasn't able to post yesterday!)...

Small Satchels!!!

Now I do love my big bags, the dozen or so in my wardrobe are proof, but sometimes I just want a small bag which is light and easier to carry. I have quite a few of these which I've been alternating all week...and dare I say I may be making a change from big to small!!! lol

So what do you think of small bags?

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Garnier Caffine Eye Roll-On

Hi all!

So sorry for the lack of posts, but my Internet has FINALLY been fixed so its business as usual now. :-)

Today I'll be reviewing the Granier Caffeine Eye Roll-On....

Eye Concerns

So to start with its probably best to talk about my eye concerns. Well where should I start!!! I have very dark circles all around my eyes, kind of like a badger lol they are hereditary so I can't help having them but they are quite pigmented and are very visible with and without concealer.

The area around my eyes is also very delicate and sensitive which means that I have to be very careful what eye creams I use. And finally I have very dry skin around my eyes so I need a heavy duty eye cream most of the time.

The Claim 

Garnier Eye Roll-On has a massage applicator and a formula which works to smooth skin and reduce the appearance of bags and dark circles around the eyes. It is designed to encourage drainage around the eye contours. Tests have shown that daily use of the eye roll-on can reduce the appearance of dark circles and bags beneath the eyes.


The packaging is lovely, it comes in a green colour which I quite like. The actual design of the product is great, its a roll on which is very quick and easy to use, especially in the morning when your half asleep! All you do is roll it over the contours of the eyes a few times and pat in the excess product with your ring finger, so its lovely and hygienic.

The Product

The actual product is kind of like a gel consistency, its clear and quite runny so it sinks into the skin very quickly. I've been using it for a good few months so I feel I can give you all a good idea about how it is.


In terms of how effective it is at reducing puffiness I would say, its not bad. If you have slightly puffy eyes this does help and its quite cooling around the eyes and I think its this effect that helps with puffiness. However if you have major puffy eyes I can't see this working too well in making those bags disappear!

Dark Circles

I don't think this product helped in making my dark circles less visible, in fact it did nothing for them which was quite disappointing. But having said that I know my dark circles are in my genes so maybe thats why they weren't reduced. I would think this may work for those who get dark circles due to a late night or if your ill.

Final Verdict

I like it but don't love it. If your someone who doesn't really have any major eye concerns this is a great everyday eye gel. It would be a great for young people who are looking to invest in their first eye cream/gel. It would probably also work for those who have minor bags under their eyes.

I find its best for waking you up in the morning, its lovely and refreshing and cooling so fantastic for those early starts. A tip I would give is keeping it in the fridge and then using feels amazing around the eyes!

So that's it, its a nice eye gel if you have no major concerns and you like a refreshing feeling around your eyes. For everyone else I would try something else.

Hope that's been useful. Do let me know if you have used the eye roll-on and what you thought of it.

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Saturday, 2 June 2012

What's Chic this Week...

Hi all!

So sorry for the lack of posts recently, my Internet is messed up and won't be properly fixed till mid-June!!!

But I was just thinking what can I blog about today...and it came to me 'What's Chic this Week'! You know me and rhyming! HeHe. So what does it mean? Well every week I will be blogging about 1 thing that I have loved that week, it can be anything: make-up, skincare, a look, clothes, accessories etc.

So, whats chic this week....

Sleek straight hair! :-)

I pretty much always have my hair wavy when I leave it down, which is getting rare these days as I'm in major need of a trim and my hair is just annoying me. I find wavy hair easy and I actually love the look, its a bit messy, you don't have to fuss with it and that suits me down to a T.

 But I thought I really feel like having a sleek polished look so I pulled out the old GHD's (love them)! And TaDa! ;-) I really wish I could be bothered to try different styles with my hair but there aren't a lot of ideas as my hair is quite long, but if you have any suggestions please let me know!

Hope you like this post and do let me know whats chic for you this week.

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)