Monday, 30 January 2012

Winter Skin Saviours

Hi all!

So I don't know about any of you but in the colder months my skin always suffers, it gets really dry and dehydrated and my normal skin care regime doesn’t cut it. But I think I have found the cure for my winter skincare blues. There are a few key products I incorporate into my skincare to make sure my skin can get some winter relief!

Decleor Cleansing Water

I first came across this product 2 years ago and instantly loved how it felt on my skin and it is one of very few products I have actually used up! That's a big thing for me as I have extremely sensitive skin. I love the brand as a whole, they have really great ingredients in all their skincare, including essential oils which nourish and penetrate deeper into the skin.

This cleansing water is targeted towards people with sensitive and reactive skin, which describes my skin down to a T.  It contains chamomile, neroli and mallow essential waters among other things and is fragrance free and suitable to use on the eye area. It smells like essential oils but it's not an artificial smell and I quite like it and normally I'm not a fan of fragranced products.

The way I use this is to wash my face in  the morning with a gentle face wash and then take a generous amount of this on a cotton pad and wipe it across my face and eyes. It is really refreshing on the skin and instantly gets rid of any tightness and calms my skin. Recently I've been getting dry patches on my face and since I've been using this they have become less and less dry and uncomfortable. 

You can buy this on the look fantastic website with free delivery and they have the big 400ml bottles which is the value size bottle, it will honestly last you forever!

Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream

This is a super rich and thick moisturiser which gives my skin a serious moisture boost which lasts all day.  Even though it is super thick it does sink into the skin very nicely and it leaves my skin really soft and supple.

I can't use this everyday as it is soo moisturising I only use this if my skin is feeling really tried and dry. I also find if I'm going to be using a full coverage foundation this acts as a fantastic base for my foundation and makes it last all day.

If you have dry or dehydrated skin then you must give this a go, you can find it in Boots stores, at the moment it's buy 1 get 1 half price on all oilatum products.

Like my face my skin in general is really dry and I find using an oil after a bath/shower really helps to lock in moisture. I use any oil (sometimes baby oil or a restoring skin oil) when I get out of the bath then I leave it for a minute or two and let it sink in, and this really helps get rid of that awful tight feeling you get if you have really dry skin. Then I do my next step (look below).
The Body Shop Shea Body Butter
After my oil I then use Shea body butter on my skin, I use the Body Shop one as it is super rich and great for very dry skin and it smells lovely.  I know the combo of an oil and then boody butter may sound weird but believe me it really works, and my skin is soo soft after and there's non of that uncomfortable dry feeling which I can't stand!

I leave the body butter to really sink in and then my skin feels wonderful. Honestly if you have dry skin, just try this out once and you will know what I mean! :-)

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

This stuff is amazing for people with dry hands, it works wonders and when I use this my hands a super soft even the next day! It's really thick and I generally use it in the night as it does leave your hands a bit greasy. It has a really weird smell to it, personally it doesn't bother me but some people may not like it. But for the results it gives I don't care what it smells like...well to a limit! ;-)

This is currently half price on the Body Shop website.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

I don't really have to say much about this, it's a cult product and it works wonders not just for lips but that's really what I use it for.

Hope this has been useful for you, let me know if you've tried any of these products or methods or if you'll give them a go.

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Until next time...keep smiling :-D

Friday, 27 January 2012

My Top 3 - Jewellery

Hi all,

So I've decided to add another little series of posts called 'My Top 3'. I thought I'd start with something non-beauty related, it was hard to narrow this down to just 3 but these are my favourites.

Michael Kors Rose Gold Plated Watch (MK5263)

I absolutely adore this watch! I'm obsessed with rose gold and knew I had to have this when I saw it. It's a very chunky, men's style watch which I think looks so chic on the wrists.
I don't wear it as much as I should because I don't want to ruin it...even though my mum says 'what's the point in having it and keeping it in a box'. My reply is it looks great on my dressing table! ;-)

Gold Ring

This was a sweet 16 gift a few years ago and I remember that I bugged my parents for this ring because I wanted a gold ring but it had to have a pink stone in it. Funnily enough the reason I wanted a pink stone was because I loved J-Lo's engagement ring, back in the day when she was engaged to Ben Affleck! :-) I'm sure everyone remembers the 'Beneffer' days! lol

Gold necklace

I'm sure you can see a gold pattern emerging here! This is a very special necklace because I got it as a graduation gift. It means a lot to me as it reminds me of my graduation, such an exciting day! Ah memories!

Let me know what your fav jewellery pieces are and if they have a special meaning too!

Until next time...keep smiling

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

2012 Wish List

Hi All!

I've seen loads of things that I want to buy, some I have to save up for, some I can't really justify at the moment but maybe later on this year I can finally get them...fingers crossed. And I thought I'd share them with you...

Louis Vuitton Bag

I've been checking out the LV Neverfull bag, and I think this is the one for me. It's big enough to fit everything I own and then some and it looks so chic! :-)

Tom Ford Make-up

I recently saw the Tom Ford counter in Selfridges and omg the make-up is amazing! Everything about the collection is beautiful, the packaging the colours and pigmentation...well everything except the price! It's definitely a high end price tag and I was actually really taken aback by the prices, but I guess you do pay for the quality of the product and packaging.

Leather Jacket

I have been on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket which looks great, fits like a glove and doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. The above is the style I'm looking for but I can't find it anywhere! If you know where I can get one, let me know please.

Bioderma Crealine Make-up Remover

So many bloggers and youtubers have raved about this cleanser that I can't help but want it. The only problem is it's not easily available which is what's put me off trying to buy it, but I think I have to give it a go.

Real Techniques Brushes

I'm sure you've all heard of Pixiwoo (sisters-Sam and Nic), if not then go check out their youtube videos, they are great! I really want to get a hold of the make-up brushes designed by Sam, I've heard rave reviews about them and they look really great quality and there affordable too.

What products are on your 2012 wish list, comment below and let me know. :-)

Until next time...keep smiling

Monday, 23 January 2012

Versatile Blogger Award!

Hi all!

I've been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award!!! Yay!! :-) This is my 2nd award so thank you so much to Clare at check her out if you haven't already, she's great! :-)

What I have to do

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Facts about me!

1. I have a Law Degree
2. I love watching beauty videos on youtube
3. I have a LARGE perfume collection
4. I hate boiled eggs
5. I love handbags
6. I have 3 siblings
7. I love to write poems

Bloggers you should check out!

Thank you once again, and keep commenting and subscribing it makes my day! :-D

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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Freebie Alert!

Hi All!

I've recently come across some fantastic offers and freebies that I wanted to share with you all, I know I love to read about ways I can get free things and I'm sure you do too! :-)

Elizabeth Arden Foundation Swap

The  first offer of the moment comes courtesy of Elizabeth Arden. You can trade in your current non-Elizabeth Arden foundation (even if there's only a small amount left) and get £10 off an Elizabeth Arden foundation. (Except the sponge-on cream foundation, you can only get £5 off that one). And you also get a free make-up bag! The bag is cute, it is has a snakeskin effect pattern on it with pink! To me it does look more like a clutch as it's huge and it has a wrist strap, but I guess you can use it for whatever you want.

Also don't forget to use your Beauty Club Card because you can get your usual points on the transaction and a bonus 50 points! I think this offer is only on in Debenhams until 8th Feb, so head down there if your in the market for a new foundation!

Clinique Mascara Swap

At the Clinique counter in boots when you hand a full size tube of mascara, even if it's empty, you can choose a sample size of one of two mascaras. You can either get the High Impacts mascara or the High Lengths mascara! The sample size is quite big, I've had one in the past and its lasted me quite a while, which is great.

This offer is running till 30th January, so you have to hurry and head down with your empty mascara tube!

Free Dior Mascara
Head down to your Dior counter, again I think only in Debenhams, and pick up your free sample of the new Diorshow New Look mascara which is due to be released in February. This looks like it's going to be a great mascara, the Dior lady I was talking to said the brush is quite small but it coats all lashes and really defines them. This sounds like it's right up my street but be quick though as I'm sure these babies will run out pretty quick!

Let me know if you manage to get any of these mascara's or get a Elizabeth Arden foundation.

Until next time...keep smiling

Thursday, 19 January 2012

New Perfume Launches

Hi all!

So there have been a few new fragrance launches and I thought the perfume lovers out there would be interested in seeing them.

Especially Escada

This is the latest offering from Escada which will be a permanent addition to their line. This is a feminine, floral fragrance with notes of rose petal, pear and musk. It's still a young girly fragrance but unlike it's predecessors it's not overly sweet.

The face of this campaign is model Bar Refaeli and the ads are so fun and summery, I want to go to that garden! Also the bottle is beautifully designed with the Escada logo made into a lid. The fragrance comes in 3 sizes 30ml(£32), 50ml(£45) and 75ml(£56) and it's an Eau de Parfum.

Vera Wang Princess Night

Another release in the 'princess' range, princess night is described as a chic, intoxicating and mysterious fragrance. It's a floral fragrance with notes of jasmine petals, wild berries, crushed sugar and vanilla. It's, as the name suggests, a fragrance for the evening but I never go by when a designer says a fragrance should be worn. My motto...wear it when you feel like it.

The bottle is completely covered in deep purple glitter which is inspired by the sparkle of City lights, it's part mischievous, part glam, and all sparkle! The crown lid has amethyst stone accents on it, and I have to say it's beautiful!

It comes as an Eau de Toilette in 30ml (£34), 50ml (£45) and 100ml (£60), I really wish it came as a Eau de Parfum as it would last longer, and it would have made more sense as its marketed as an evening fragrance.

Jimmy Choo EDT

When the first ever Jimmy Choo fragrance launched it was a big hit and this is the follow up, which comes in the form of an Eau de Toilette. Strong and empowering but also mysterious and feminine this is a modern floral-fruity fragrance with a deep woody base. It's a fresher and less sweet version compared to the original and does not contain the patchouli and toffee notes. This has notes of ginger, pear and exotic tiger orchid blended with tea rose.

The bottle is beautiful, it's the same design as the original but the liquid is pale pink and the bottle has an iridescent pink shine which is very eye-catching especially when the light hits it. It comes in 40ml (£34), 60ml (£44) and 100ml (£58).

Have any of you tried these new launches, if so what do you think, will you be buying any of them?

Until next time...keep smiling

Monday, 16 January 2012

Golden Globes- Fashion and Beauty

Hi all!

So I'm sure you're all aware of the Golden Globes taking place in LA over the weekend. As it is such a big event I thought I'd do a post on the best part of the award show the beauty and fashion!!! Let's be honest now who really pays attention to who won when we have all the lovely stars to look at! ;-)

Make-Up Favourites

Angelina Jolie

As always Angelina looks amazing. I really love her make-up with the dark smokey eyes and the scarlet lips. She is one of very few people who can actually get away with dark eyes and lips...whereas the rest of us probably wouldn't dare! I also like that she hasn't got much colour on the cheeks, it looks to me like its more of a bronzer or contour.

Emma Stone

I love the metallic smokey eye that Emma has, it's a modern take on the classic smokey eye and something I would definitely wear for a party or if I'm going somewhere special. One of the products she actually used was Chanel intense eye pencil in noir. The pink lips and cheeks really complement her skin tone. I'm glad she chose lighter colours for these as it ties the whole look together nicely and doesn't look too much.

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis isn't wearing a lot of make-up, she's placed more emphasis on the skin and making it look healthy and glowy. And as the face of Dior handbags she guessed it...Dior make-up. Her MUA used Dior bronze original tan and Dior blush in passion fruit to create that sought after glow. She look very pretty and also very young in this pic!

Natalie Portman

Again another face of Dior, Natalie used products from their range. I'm sure it must be part of her contract that she has to use Dior make-up for red carpet events...maybe? Purple shades were used on Natalie's eyes and they were made the focal point. Purple is great for bringing out brown eyes and her eyes do stand out. The MUA used Dior waterproof eyeliner in captivating blue and Diorshow mascara in black on Natalie. I do like this look, it's the kind of thing I do when I'm going out, I love to make my eyes stand out.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese has gone for the natural look which I think suits her down to a T. I never see her wearing loads of make-up, it just isn't her. This kind of natural look with black eyeliner is so chic and looks effortless too. Love it.



There were so many stars rocking the headband, and I for one loved it. I'm definitely a headband person I think they look so nice and really jazz up a look. My favourite had to be Charlize Theron who looked beautiful on the red carpet, I wish I had that headband!

Charlize wore a vintage platinum and diamond Cartier headband which just looks like art to me! Ahhhh. :-)

Messy Chignon

Now I have to say this may just be my all time favourite hairstyle. The reason being because it looks perfect but imperfect (if that makes sense) it doesn't take much effort as it doesn't have to be neat and it suits everyone!

I think this hairstyle would be great in the spring and summer because its pretty and I always prefer my hair out of my face when its hot.

Nude/Blush Gowns

Everyone seemed to be wearing nude gowns, and I'm sure this will be a big colour in the coming months. I've been seeing this colour everywhere and I've really been drawn to it, there's something about this colour that makes me like any dress I see!

 Angelina Jolie in Versace
 Charlize Theron in Dior Haute Couture
 Kate Beckinsale in Roberto Cavalli
Jessica Biel in Elie Saab

I'm sure you will all agree that these ladies look amazing in their nude/blush coloured gowns! There were loads of other stars who I thought looked great in their dresses like Nicole Kidman, Jesscia Alba, Kate Winslet but they didn't fit into any of my categories. Sorry, but you did look amazing!

So there you have my sum up of the Golden Globes fashion/beauty. Hope you enjoyed this and comment and let me know what you thought of the outfits or trends. Tell me who your fav was.

Until next time...keep smiling

Kreative Blogger Award!

Hi all!

So this came as surprise to me as I'm only 1 month old in the blogging world but the lovely Lottie awarded me with the Kreative Blogger Award!! Thank you soooo much that was lovely of you. And I'm glad you like my blog. Check her out people!!! :-)

What has to be done now:
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- At the moment it has to be Ed Sheeran's Lego House

- Mango sorbet with raspberries!! yummy :-)

- Loud eaters!

- Get very quiet

- Don't have any

- Black

- Being unhappy in life

- Smile and be happy, even when you don't want to be

- A beautiful day in the sun with my loved ones...and a packet of sweets ;-)

- Staying in my pyjamas all day!

Random Facts

* I can't go without sweets
* I'm obsessed with Harry Potter
* My room is Pink
* I hate creepy crawlies no matter how big or small
* I have a bit of OCD
* My hands and feet are always cold
* I love pop music

Fabulous bloggers To Check Out

Now I'm going to have a bit of a problem with this as I'm very new and I don't know many bloggers. I guess this award is really aimed at new bloggers so no point in mentioning all the big established bloggers! Even so check these people out:


Thank you again. :-)

Till next time...keep smiling

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser

Hi all! :-)

For those of you out there with sensitive/stubborn skin you will know how much of a hassle it is finding skincare that will keep your skin clear and not make it react! I have such sensitive/reactive skin that 80% of the time I try a new product my skin will react in some form or another. :-( Annoying...I  know!

However last year when I popped into Westfield and into House of Fraser I came across Kiehl's. I'd heard of this brand but didn't really know much about it. Oh how I wish I knew about their products could have saved me some major skin hassle!

Anyhoo...I ended up spending a heck of a lot of money on the basis that the sales lady helping me seemed to understand my skin needs and my friend kept saying I should buy everything...and I'm easily led when it comes to shopping ;-)

And I have to say I loved everything I tried and bought!!! Today I'm going to tell you about my all time fav Kiehl's product!!!!

Ultra Facial Cleanser

150ml for £15

Now if your looking for a heavy duty cleanser which carries all the big guns for spot fighting (salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide I'm talking about you!) then this is not the cleanser for you. This is a very gently cleanser which can be used by all skin types.

If you do have spot prone skin in my experience if you use harsh cleansers it will only aggravate your skin and cause you to break out even more...believe me I speak from experience. I find the best way to deal with 'problem skin' is to be as gentle as you can. And this cleanser is definitely the right approach to take.

The consistency of this face wash is quite weird, its sort of a mix between a gel and liquid and I find it does not lather as well as other face washes I have tried. This isn't a negative as I quite like the way it feels on the skin but some people may not like it.

About the was itself...

- Only need the smallest amount
- Does not dry out skin
- Thoroughly cleans skin leaving it feeling clean and fresh
- Does not irritate sensitive skin
- Lasts for absolutely AGES
- Contains great ingredients like avocado oil (to moisturise), apricot kernel oil (high in vitamin E)
- Does not have any fragrance
- Helped the texture of my skin...made it feel really soft and smooth
- Helped to clear my skin of blemishes

- Nothing!!!......buttt if I had to be really picky I would say I wish there were more Kiehl's stores where I could get this from. That's not really a negative on the product but I thought I should write something! ;-)

This is available from all Kiehl's stores and on their website Also to let you know this is now on sale on the UK website it was £17 before but has been reduced to £15...and before you say that's not much of a discount, I agree, but every little helps.

This is honestly well worth the money as it really does last forever, I had mine for months and it only just finished. And I will defo re-purchase this which is a sign of how good it really is.

You should check this out because if it can work for my awkward skin I'm sure it can work for you!!! :-)

Let me know if you have tried this or if you think you might give it a go!

Until next time...keep smiling.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Nail of the Month - January

Hi All! Hope everyone is having a wonderful 2012 :-)

Every month I will pick my fav nail polish and share it with you lovely people.

This month it's Revlon nail polish in 'facets of fuchia', this is such a unique nail polish and a great winter shade. I got this after spotting it on a couple of blogs and am very glad I did.

It costs £6.49 which is a bit more than I like to pay but I think it was worth it because it's so darn pretty! ;-)

This lasted on my nails for a full week with slight wearing at the tips after 4 days which is great for me because my nails are in very bad condition at the moment. The only negative I can think of is that you have to apply a minimum of 3 coats to get it opaque which is a bit much but I guess there had to be some downside.

Taken indoors with flash
Taken in natural light
If you have this polish what do you think? Also let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations.

Until next time...keep smiling.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Quote of the Day

'What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us'

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Beauty on a Budget- Part 1 'MUA'

Happy New Year!

So it's a brand new year which calls for brand new make-up! :-) However at this time of year money can be a bit tight for everyone and beauty isn't always on the top of the list of essentials. But not to fear...the secret blogger is here!

I will be starting a series of posts called 'beauty on a buget' where I show you products which are easily available, great quality and best of all AFFORDABLE! These beauty buys are great for those on a budget or for girls just starting out with make-up and not wanting to splurge on high end make-up...yet. ;-)

This first post will focus on the MUA make-up range which can be found in Superdrug. There are 2 ranges within MUA; the normal range, where everything costs just £1, and the professional range which are all under £8.

I adore this make-up brand, the quality of these products are amazing, the first time I swatched these products I was blown away and thought that the price of £1 must have been a mistake...thankfully it wasn't. I love the new professional range as they've introduced a new selection of products including palettes, crackle affect nail polish, concealer, mascara...and the list goes on.

                                          'Heaven and Earth' Palette (£4) Blush in Shade 3 (£1)

The Heaven and Earth' palette is MUA's take on the urban decay naked palette, it contains neutral shades which are all shimmery. The shadows have amazing pigmentation and feel very smooth which makes them easily to apply and blend. I don't use a primer underneath as I have dry lids but I find these shadows last all day and don't crease which is always a bonus. For those with oily lids I suggest using a primer to keep the shadows in place. This is a great everyday palette and it can also take you from day to night by using some of the darker colours blended in the crease.

                                         MUA Eyeshadows - shades: 11, 14, 9, 24 (£1 each)

The individual eyeshadows are the same quality as the palette and the colour range is good. You also get a lot of product in the pan for the price. So these shadows should last quite a while which makes it fantastic value. The above shadows are all shimmery (or Pearl finishes as their known). I haven't tried any of the matte shadows but I can imagine they would be good too.

Eyeliners (gold, bronze, turquoise, green) (£1 each)

These are the new eyeliners from MUA, the first 2 are 'intense glitter' liners and the last 2 are 'intense colour' liners. I don't know the numbers for them as they didn't have any on the packaging. But I love these eyeliners the colcour is very intense and they work really well on the waterline, the liners are not as intense as the swatch but that's to be expected. Used on the lash line they add a great pop of colour. I've also found that they are great to use as a base all over the lid to intensify any eyeshadow.

The liners are very smooth and don't scratch when applying and they all come with a sharpener on the lid which is very handy indeed.

                                                   MUA lipsticks Shades: 11 and 9 (£1 each)

Finally there are the lipsticks they come in a nice variety of colours and apply really well on to the lips. They are not drying which is something I hate in lipsticks. They last a reasonable amount of time and the colour pay off is very good.

So there you have it, for all those looking for high street make-up which is great quality you should definitely check this range out next time your in Superdrug, or on the Superdrug website (
You really can't go wrong with these products because the price point is so great, I can safely say I would recommend these products to anyone and some of them have become a permanent fixture in my make-up routine. Hope this has been helpful.

Until next time...keep smiling