Sunday, 28 October 2012

Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends

Hi all!

So the weather has officially changed, its blooming cold now!

This means that its not only time for a change in your wardrobe but also your make-up bag. I've been doing a bit of research about the key trends for the colder months, and of course I wanted to share them with you all. Hope you enjoy.

Gothic Lips

Colder months call for darker clothes and make-up is the same this season. So go for plum and maroon tones on your lips. This look can be scary for some of us who are a bit afraid of dark lips but you don't have to go all out. Use a stain, or dab on the lipstick gently and blend with fingers. This way you still have the colour but it won't be so intense and scary!

Remember to keep the rest of the face neutral, in fact I would steer clear of blush and eyeshadow. Let the lips do the talking (pun intended! lol) but don't forget to apply loads of mascara, it adds to the drama of the look and makes your eyes stand out too.

Bold Flicks

If your someone who likes to ephasise your eyes then you'll love this key trend. Keep your make-up simple and light, then go full whack on your eyeliner. The bolder and thicker the line the better, and don't be afraid to flick that line out! I personally love this look and I will be attempting the bold flick...wish me luck!

Flushed Cheeks

This trend is very cute and I think something girls will like to wear. Just imagine the've been out in the cold weather and you've come home with natural pinky flushed cheeks. So thats the aim with this look lol. Go for lighter pinks on the apple of the cheeks, but don't forget to blend, you want it to look natural not like a clown!

So there you have it, these are my favorite make-up looks. I hope you've enjoyed this post, it's one of my favorite ones to do. :-)

Let me know your thoughts. Will you be rocking any of these looks?

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Chanel No 5....Inevitable?

Hi all!

So the beauty world was buzzing when news broke of the release of a new campaign for the iconic Chanel No 5...fronted by none other than....Brad Pitt!!! And the advert is finally here so I had to share it with you lovely people.

Pretty non?

I have to say that I quite like it. It's such a clever move by Chanel. Pick a handsome man that says he loves woman who wear Chanel No 5 and incorporate two models in the T.V advert who may or may not resemble some ladies in his life *cough* Jennifer and Angelina *cough*. Also I LOVE the tag line, that Chanel No 5 is...inevitable. I actually quite agree with this. It's such a classic and internationally known fragrance, some may say the most famous. And women who love perfume i think will eventually wear this, at some point or another. I know when I'm older I definetly will.

So what do you think about this move by Chanel? And would you ever wear No 5, now or later?

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Until next time keep smiling :-)

Saturday, 6 October 2012

October Magazine Freebies...

Hi all!

It's that time again...yes amazing magazine freebies! I'll get straight to it...

In Style

New Bond Girl Naomie Harris is the cover girl this month, and the freebie is great too! You have the choice of 1 of 3 mini Benefit products all 4ml. Either:
- Bene tint
- Cha cha tint
- Sun beam
You also get a voucher for a free mini Benefit mascara (you'll have to go to a counter for this), which is a great bonus!

The magazine is on offer in Tesco for £2.50 so I would urge you to check your local store to get this bargain. I can imagine this may sell fast as its Benefit and these magazine freebies are like hot cakes!

Marie Claire

The lovely Taylor Swift is on the cover of the magazine this month with an equally lovely free gift! You can choose 1 of 4 L'Occitane hand creams in 30ml! Either:
- Shea Butter
- Date Bouquet
- Rose Petals
- Mango Flowers
Wow! This looks like a fab range of hand creams, and I have owned L'Occitane hand creams before and they are amazing, and I have very dry skin and they really work for me, plus they smell fab too!

This magazine costs £3.70, so get shopping.

Easy Living

Emma Bunton is on the cover with with a choice of 1 of 2 Cowshed hand creams, 50ml each. Either:
- Cow Pat hand cream
- Cow Slip hand cream
Yeah I know, the names are weird but I have heard great things about this brand and I think it would be a great one to pick up especially as the weather is getting colder.

So there you have it, your magazine freebies of the month. Any takers??

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)