Monday, 30 April 2012

April Nail of the Month - Under the Sea...

Hi all!

This month I've been loving Models Own nail polishes, to be fair I've never used them in the past and I really wish I had before, they are amazing. Here is the look I achieved....

I adore the result!! :-) The colour is so soo pretty and to quote my friend they are 'mermaid nails'. I tried my best to capture the colour but honestly its 100% better in real life, this picture doesn't to it justice. The colour is a duo chrome turquoise and pink which changes colour in the light.

So to achieve this look I used a base colour first, which was an MUA nail polish in shade 5, a mint green colour. The MUA polish is quite sheer so I used 3 coats to get an opaque finish but its such a lovely colour that I don't really mind. Plus it's only £1 from Superdrug so I can't really complain (click here).

On top of that I applied 2 coats of the Models Own nail polish in 'Indian Ocean' a very apt name as I'm sure you'll agree! :-) You can buy this polish at Boots for £5 (click here).

Despite both polishes being really sheer the result was a turquoise underwater dream! And I was so impressed with how the polish lasted, I wore it for 5 days straight without a single chip or any wear, which is so great. Frankly this nail combo got me through the wet English weather we've been having recently and took me to a very sunny place! ;-)

So what do you think of my nails?

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Hi all!

Hope you are all doing well, I came across this lovely quote and wanted to share it with you all....

'Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.'
                                                                                 Coco Chanel

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

L'Oreal v Revlon!

Hi all!

Now in the beauty blogger world everyone knows about Revlon lip butters and L'Oreal rouge caresse...but the question is 'which is the best?' So I thought I'd do a little comparison between the two for all those not sure which one to go for. So....let battle commence! ;-)

ROUND 1 - Packaging 

- Very cute design
- Love the colours on the lids, makes it easier to find the right shade
- Quite sturdy so lid wont fall off

- Simple design
- Sturdy lid so lipstick wont come out

Round 1 Goes To - Revlon
ROUND 2 - Pigmentation

- Lighter colours not as pigmented
- Darker colours better but still not very strong

- Great pigmentation, better than expected
- Shows up on my lips really well (I have quite pigmented lips)

Round 2 Goes To - L'Oreal

ROUND 3 - Lasting Power

- Lipstick lasted between 3-4 hours depending on the colour
- Did fade on the lips well

- Lasted really well approx 6 hours
- When faded left a lovely stain on the lips

Round 3 Goes To - L'Oreal

ROUND 4 - Price

- Prices are the same, both are £7.99
Round 4 Goes To - Both

ROUND 5 - Moisturising For Lips

- When first applied it feels nice and moisturising on the lips
- Moisturised feeling doesn't last too long

- Provides moisture on lips which lasts a really long time
- Feels very comfortable on the lips
Round 5 Goes To - L'Oreal

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse!!!!

Now don't get me wrong I do really like both, the L'Oreal edges out because it lasts longer and I'm the type of person who really can't be bothered to touch up! So if like me you want something which requires less maintenance go for L'Oreal. But if you want something a bit lighter and aren't as bothered about lasting power i.e. something for school or day time wear then go for Revlon.

Hope this has been helpful, let me know your thoughts.

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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Haul Time and 100 Followers!

Hi all!

I've been shopping again, looks like my self-inflicted ban didn't last very long....but I do really need everything I got....promise! ;-)

First up are these lovely bracelets from Jon Richard at Debenhams which were a fabulous 70% off!!! And I do love the jewellery at Debenhams, and when there's a sale that's even better. Bargain! Check your local Debenhams they may have them as mine has a few left.

I popped into Primark and picked up these 2 items, I thought they would be quite nice when summer finally comes to England! The first is a grey dress which is very comfortable and quite a basic dress which can be jazzed up nicely I think, lol. Then I got a cute pair of peep toe wedges which I think would go perfectly with dresses and skirts.

After much deliberation on what colours I should get I finally jumped on the Revlon lip butter and L'Oreal rouge caresse bandwagon. They were 3 for 2 in Boots, which gave me the push I needed to buy them, as if I really needed it lol. I will do a review once I've used them to compare the two. I also picked up the new 17 lip tint with a felt tip applicator on one end and a balm on the other. You can buy them on the Boots website here.

L-R: L'Oreal Rouge Caresse- 202 Impulsive Fuchsia, Revlon Lip Butters in- 096 Macaroon and 015 Tutti Frutti and 17 Berry Crush in Sleepover

I've been reading so much about these nail products that I just had to buy them, as you can tell I'm easily influenced by hyped up beauty products! lol. I'm sure these will be featured in a post soon so look out for that.

Max Factor- Fantasy Fire, Models Own- Indian Ocean

Now these I've been umming and arring about for a while but I thought since I've been looking at them and trying them out on my hand every time I'm in town I really should just treat myself. I like the idea and look of these but we'll see what I think when I try them. You can get these in Superdrug (here) or Boots (here).

Collection 2000 Cream Puff- 3 Fairy Cake, 4 Angel Delight and Maybelline Colour Tattoo- Permanent Taupe

And finally after a very long wait I managed to get my mitts on the real techniques brushes, I have been wanting these from the moment they were released. Again you can buy these in Boots, and I'll let you know my thoughts once I've used them.

Stippling Brush, Powder Brush, Core Collection 

So that's my haul, hope you liked my purchases and do let me know if you've found any great deals or bargains.

And I just wanted to mention that I've reached 100 followers!!!! Yay!!! :-D Thank you all soo much I really can't believe it and I  am thankful to every person who has followed my blog. Cheers! :-)

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Friday, 13 April 2012

April Magazine Freebies!

Hi all!

So I was browsing in my WHSmtihs when I saw some great free gifts with magazines so I though I'd tell you all about them.

Red Magazine

This has to be the best deal, with the magazine you get....wait for it....a 30ml of the infamous Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser and muslin clothe for free!!! Pretty amazing isn't it! :-)

Marie Claire

cheryl cole marie claire uk may 2012 cover

With this issue you get a free trial size bottle of Pantene Pro-V repair and protect shampoo and conditioner (both 75ml), and these are fab travel sizes to take away with you and great to try before you buy.

Company Magazine

With this magazine you get a free double ended eyeliner duo, one a kohl and the other side a liquid liner. And randomly you also get a pack of Mentos chewing gum...why not! lol

Have any of you already picked up these fab freebies?

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I'm 'Blog Hopping'

Hi all!

I've found this fab new thing called BLOG HOP! It's a really great way to check out new blogs and follow people and maybe get a few new followers. I think its a fab idea and you guys should check it out if you haven't already. :-)

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Sunday, 8 April 2012

It's Easter!

Hi all!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day today, no matter what you are doing. Just wanted to get up this very short but cute little poem for you all...enjoy!

I take an egg all shiny and white
And then I dip it out of sight.

I leave it there within the cup
Then after a minute I pick it up.

And oh! It's a lovely shade of green!
The prettiest Easter egg I've ever seen.

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Until next time...keep smiling

Thursday, 5 April 2012

I've had a Makeover!!

Hi all!

So during my giveaway I managed to get some great feedback on how to improve my blog, and 1 thing which was said was that my blog was a bit dark and difficult to read. So I've had a bit of a change! :-)

I would love to hear what you think of the new look. Is it better and easier to read? I would really appreciate your comments on this.

Also if you guys have any requests for posts I would love to hear them too so that I could improve my blog further. Thanks! :-)

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

March Favs!

Hi all!

I know, I know I'm a few days late (as usual) sorry about that, I'm going to blame life and work! ;-)
So I won't ramble and I'll get straight into it....

Roberto Cavalli edp

I am LOVING this fragrance, the more I've smelt it and worn it the more I've liked it. There's just something about it, its very sophisticated and powerful and it lasts and lasts on the skin which is a massive bonus. I have talked a bit more about this in a previous post so do have a look (here).

Natural Make-Up

This is not so much a product but just a look that I've been favouring recently, and its natural and minimal make-up. You know when you just feel like wearing nothing, but obviously you can't else you'll terrify and scare everyone, that little bit of make-up to make you presentable is what I've been going for.

So that really means a lighter foundation, bit of concealer, eyeliner and lip gloss...and that's all! I know it sounds like a lot but it's really not! lol.

L'Occitane Hand Cream

I have been using this non-stop all month as I've still got very dry hands, even though the weather has changed. I adore the smell of this and its lovely and rich so it leaves my hands nicely moisturised so I don't have that horrible dry feeling!

Moroccan Oil

After a along separation from this I been using it more regularly. I had it for ages...used it for a while, then I stopped. Now, there is a reason for this, I found my hair was just getting oil overload and so I needed to give it a break. I find with hair oils the key is not to use it continuously, you need to give your hair a bit of a rest from the oil and then start using them again, this is the way I get good results with my hair.

Bright Clothes

I've been going out a bit more because of the lovely weather, which now seems to have stopped! I've finally been able to wear something other than black and it is such a relief to wear colour again. I've been loving all bright colours...I don't discriminate! ;-)

So my lovelies those were my March favs, though I feel like I must have slept through the month because it came to an end wayyy to quickly! lol What were your favs last month?

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Monday, 2 April 2012

March Nail of the Month

Hi all!

This month has been all about sunshine and pastels for me! :-) I've been loving summery bright and pastel nails and I'll show you my favourite look.

Nail Polishes Used:
- No.7 Stay Perfect nail colour - Lucky Lilac (here)
- Black and Pink nail Art polishes - from BodyCare

I applied 2 coats of the lilac colour for an opaque finish and once it dried I then used the nail art polishes to create the flower in the corner. Very simple but I like them, and if I can do a bit of nail art believe me anyone can! ;-)

The No.7 polish is actually a lot better than I expected I thought it would be quite sheer and would require 4 coats but the quality was very good. Also I found that this polish lasted a good 5 days before any wear or chips which is fantastic on my weak nails!

What do you think of the results?

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)

Sunday, 1 April 2012

And the winner is.......

Hi all!

First of all thank you to all those that entered my giveaway, I really appreciate the feedback. As a result of what was said I will be making a few changes to the look of my blog so it's easier to read and overall more user friendly! :-)

Now on to the more important matter, the winner of my giveaway is .............

Claire from sugaryspiceandallthingsnice

Congratulations Claire! I have sent you a message on your blog so if you could please contact me as soon as possible, then I can get your prizes sent out.

Once again thank you to everyone that follows my blog, and keep an eye out for some changes! :-D

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)