Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Beauty on a Budget- Part 1 'MUA'

Happy New Year!

So it's a brand new year which calls for brand new make-up! :-) However at this time of year money can be a bit tight for everyone and beauty isn't always on the top of the list of essentials. But not to fear...the secret blogger is here!

I will be starting a series of posts called 'beauty on a buget' where I show you products which are easily available, great quality and best of all AFFORDABLE! These beauty buys are great for those on a budget or for girls just starting out with make-up and not wanting to splurge on high end make-up...yet. ;-)

This first post will focus on the MUA make-up range which can be found in Superdrug. There are 2 ranges within MUA; the normal range, where everything costs just £1, and the professional range which are all under £8.

I adore this make-up brand, the quality of these products are amazing, the first time I swatched these products I was blown away and thought that the price of £1 must have been a mistake...thankfully it wasn't. I love the new professional range as they've introduced a new selection of products including palettes, crackle affect nail polish, concealer, mascara...and the list goes on.

                                          'Heaven and Earth' Palette (£4) Blush in Shade 3 (£1)

The Heaven and Earth' palette is MUA's take on the urban decay naked palette, it contains neutral shades which are all shimmery. The shadows have amazing pigmentation and feel very smooth which makes them easily to apply and blend. I don't use a primer underneath as I have dry lids but I find these shadows last all day and don't crease which is always a bonus. For those with oily lids I suggest using a primer to keep the shadows in place. This is a great everyday palette and it can also take you from day to night by using some of the darker colours blended in the crease.

                                         MUA Eyeshadows - shades: 11, 14, 9, 24 (£1 each)

The individual eyeshadows are the same quality as the palette and the colour range is good. You also get a lot of product in the pan for the price. So these shadows should last quite a while which makes it fantastic value. The above shadows are all shimmery (or Pearl finishes as their known). I haven't tried any of the matte shadows but I can imagine they would be good too.

Eyeliners (gold, bronze, turquoise, green) (£1 each)

These are the new eyeliners from MUA, the first 2 are 'intense glitter' liners and the last 2 are 'intense colour' liners. I don't know the numbers for them as they didn't have any on the packaging. But I love these eyeliners the colcour is very intense and they work really well on the waterline, the liners are not as intense as the swatch but that's to be expected. Used on the lash line they add a great pop of colour. I've also found that they are great to use as a base all over the lid to intensify any eyeshadow.

The liners are very smooth and don't scratch when applying and they all come with a sharpener on the lid which is very handy indeed.

                                                   MUA lipsticks Shades: 11 and 9 (£1 each)

Finally there are the lipsticks they come in a nice variety of colours and apply really well on to the lips. They are not drying which is something I hate in lipsticks. They last a reasonable amount of time and the colour pay off is very good.

So there you have it, for all those looking for high street make-up which is great quality you should definitely check this range out next time your in Superdrug, or on the Superdrug website (http://www.superdrug.com/).
You really can't go wrong with these products because the price point is so great, I can safely say I would recommend these products to anyone and some of them have become a permanent fixture in my make-up routine. Hope this has been helpful.

Until next time...keep smiling


  1. I love the MUA range.

    I'm now following :)


  2. Thank you :-)

    I'll soon be putting up more posts on bargain make-up.

  3. love the shadows, the colors are so pigmented! I love bargain makeup!!

    1. They really are, I have more posts coming up on bargain make-up so if you get the chance subscribe so you can check them out too :-)

  4. I keep seeing these products reviewed, I really must go out and buy some and give them a whirl, for the price you cannot go wrong surely!

    Amy x