Thursday, 14 June 2012

Garnier Caffine Eye Roll-On

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Today I'll be reviewing the Granier Caffeine Eye Roll-On....

Eye Concerns

So to start with its probably best to talk about my eye concerns. Well where should I start!!! I have very dark circles all around my eyes, kind of like a badger lol they are hereditary so I can't help having them but they are quite pigmented and are very visible with and without concealer.

The area around my eyes is also very delicate and sensitive which means that I have to be very careful what eye creams I use. And finally I have very dry skin around my eyes so I need a heavy duty eye cream most of the time.

The Claim 

Garnier Eye Roll-On has a massage applicator and a formula which works to smooth skin and reduce the appearance of bags and dark circles around the eyes. It is designed to encourage drainage around the eye contours. Tests have shown that daily use of the eye roll-on can reduce the appearance of dark circles and bags beneath the eyes.


The packaging is lovely, it comes in a green colour which I quite like. The actual design of the product is great, its a roll on which is very quick and easy to use, especially in the morning when your half asleep! All you do is roll it over the contours of the eyes a few times and pat in the excess product with your ring finger, so its lovely and hygienic.

The Product

The actual product is kind of like a gel consistency, its clear and quite runny so it sinks into the skin very quickly. I've been using it for a good few months so I feel I can give you all a good idea about how it is.


In terms of how effective it is at reducing puffiness I would say, its not bad. If you have slightly puffy eyes this does help and its quite cooling around the eyes and I think its this effect that helps with puffiness. However if you have major puffy eyes I can't see this working too well in making those bags disappear!

Dark Circles

I don't think this product helped in making my dark circles less visible, in fact it did nothing for them which was quite disappointing. But having said that I know my dark circles are in my genes so maybe thats why they weren't reduced. I would think this may work for those who get dark circles due to a late night or if your ill.

Final Verdict

I like it but don't love it. If your someone who doesn't really have any major eye concerns this is a great everyday eye gel. It would be a great for young people who are looking to invest in their first eye cream/gel. It would probably also work for those who have minor bags under their eyes.

I find its best for waking you up in the morning, its lovely and refreshing and cooling so fantastic for those early starts. A tip I would give is keeping it in the fridge and then using feels amazing around the eyes!

So that's it, its a nice eye gel if you have no major concerns and you like a refreshing feeling around your eyes. For everyone else I would try something else.

Hope that's been useful. Do let me know if you have used the eye roll-on and what you thought of it.

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  1. I've seen this in stores but I wasn't convinced it would make much of a difference to my dark circles and it appears I may be right. The cooling effect sounds nice though. I believe Clinique sell a similar product, albeit probably twice the price!

    1. It didnt work in that respect for me, but the cooling effect is lovely in the morning x

  2. nice review..but it worked for me..:)

    1. thats good, my dark circles are just too bad! lol

  3. I myt try it only fr the refreshing feeling
    hey does it disturb makeup?
    i wud love to carry it fr work and massage eyes whenever strained

    1. I've never used it over makeup but i cant imagine it would ruin your makeup
      but it is lovely when your eyes need a wake up! lol

  4. New Follower! xxx

    I Have this and I really like it!

    I dont find It to help with my dark circle ALLOT. But It does really wake me up in the morning! Its good because I suffer Insomnia and It really helps me in the morning because I cant get to sleep at night but it really nice.

    1. Thanks for following :-)

      I like it too but its not amazing, but I agree it really helps in the morning x

  5. I really like you blog dear!
    Keep posting, you do it great! :)


    1. Aww thank you so much, it means a lot that people like my blog xxx