Monday, 2 July 2012

June Nail of the Month: Duo-chrome chic

Hi all!

June just flew past, I didn't even realise it was July until someone told me!!! Its gone too fast. Anyhoo here's a nail look which I was loving in June, something a bit different which I stumbled across when I was experimenting on a boring Sunday! lol

It was quite difficult to capture the different colours, but I tried my best. I absolutely loved this nail look, my nails always looked different in different lights. There was a mix of navy, gold, red, green and blue! Very pretty and I liked that it was dark too. :-)

I experimented with 2 different nail polsihes, which were...

Rimmel Lasting Finish polish- Midnight Blue and Max Factor mini polish- Fantasy Fire

Another reason I used these 2 together was because the Max Factor nail polish is sooo sheer! And I couldn't be bothered to sit around and apply 5 coats of polish so I opted to use an opaque base coat. The Rimmel polish really only needs 1-2 coats, its a lovely deep navy colour, very pretty, the only down side is that it stains your nails!

With these 2 polishes my nails lasted very well, in fact they lasted a week and by the end there was only minor wear on the tips, which is pretty darn good.

Hope you guys liked my nail look, let me know your thoughts and any combos which work well for you.

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)