Monday, 6 August 2012

balance Me. Rose Otto Lip Salve...

Hi all!

Hope your all doing well. So I'm back with my a mini review of my product of the moment which is...

Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve by the company Balance Me. I got a full size of this free in last months Glamour magazine and I'm so glad I did because I love it!

I'm the type of person who always has dry lips, I'm not sure why and its really annoying but its something I have to live with. I'm also obsessed with lip balms I have all different kinds form cheaper Vaseline to the more expensive eight hour cream. But I always keep my eyes peeled for new ones (not that I need any more!).

On the website this is described as...
'A daily beauty must for salve addicts! It will plump, smooth, give long-lasting protection, an leave lips kiss-ably soft.'

The salve is 100% natural and petroleum free, it contains organic Shea, cocoa butters, jojoba oil and many other great ingredients. This brand is really great for producing natural products with skin-friendly ingredients and no nasty chemicals.

This salve is super moisturising it is nice and thick just how I like my lip products and it really hydrates my lips really well. It also lasts for quite a few hours so I don't need to re-apply for a while, it does have a very strong smell, quite herbally but I actually like the smell. For those out there that don't like strong smells you may not like it, but the smell does disappear so I think it would be fine.

This product does remind me of eight hour cream which I also love so if you have that you can give this a miss....but I love it. :-)

You can buy this from the Balance Me website (here) and it costs £12 for 10ml (not cheap by any means, which is why I'm glad I got a back-up in Glamour mag).

Have you tried this, or will you be buying it?

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  2. I also love this lip balm. x