Saturday, 22 September 2012

Whats Chic this Week...

Hi all!

It's been a long and tiring week and I've found I've been oversleeping in the mornings! Which means I don't have a lot of time to put my make-up on. That's why I've been reaching for my chic product of the week, which is....

Mac Face and Body foundation!!

This is honestly the easiest foundation to apply, probably because its quite light and there's no need to spend ages blending! Now I don't have the best skin at all but i still like this foundation. I've been preferring the light look recently as my skin has been playing up and I don't like covering it with a thick foundation.

A great product and I would highly recommend it if you want something quick, easy, light and natural!

Have you used Face and Body, if so what do you make of it?

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)


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    1. Thank you lucia :-)

      Hopefully ill get new posts up soon, if your following my blog then they should pop up on your home page. thanks again :-)

  2. I absolutely love this foundation! The bottle is massive as well, it lasts for so long

    1. I agree! So much better value for money compared to other foundation, glad ive found another fan :-)