Monday, 28 January 2013

New Perfume ALERT!!!!

Hi all!

If like me you are obsessed with perfume then I'm sure your ears will have perked when reading the title above! ;-)

Anyhoo there have been soo many new releases recently and there are some real gems in here ladies, and as valentines day is fast approaching I say a little hint to the other half may be in order!

Flash by Jimmy Choo

As you can see the name certainly seems to reflect the packaging and visuals!

Lets be a tad vain and start with looks, the bottle is very pretty and unique, its a heavy glass bottle so feels luxurious and the outer packing is all glittery, and being the magpie that I am I love it!

The fragrance is more of a fresh floral and completely different to the very popular original. Its definitely not as sweet and in fact I find it more fresh and clean, I would say it's perfect for the coming Spring and Summer months.

This fragrance contains notes of passionate strawberry (why passionate I don't know), tuberose and white lily and its an eau de parfum. It comes in 3 sizes; 40ml (£35.50), 60ml (£45.50) and 100ml (£61.50), and its available in most stores now!

However if your a fan of deep musky scents then this won't be for you, its not horrible but I was left a little disappointed, after the original I thought the House of Choo would come back with a bang...turned out to be more of a gentle knock!

Just Cavalli


This is such an amazing perfume, I cannot say enough good things about it and I want it now!!

This is the follow up to the very popular Roberto Cavalli fragrance and dare I say it may be better! Now the bottle was a tad disappointing compared to the first which was more classy and sophisticated...I loved it. This one is more on the tacky side, but I understand why they made it the way they have, clearly they are appealing to the younger market. Fair enough, its a clever move.

The fragrance itself is a sexy floral, musky but not overpowering, just the right combo of floral with a depth to it which makes it young and current. They also went about it the right way getting Georgia May Jagger to be the face, she seems to be everywhere I look!

The notes in this include neroli, Tahitian tiare flowers and rosewood. It comes in 3 sizes; 30ml (£29.50), 50ml (£39.50) and 75ml (£51.50).

The only annoying downside to this is that its only an eau de toilette! Why Cavalli did you not make this a perfume!! I don't understand this...but....its still amazing and it won't put people off from buying it.  And that's a fact!

Eau de Lacoste

The lovely Amy Adams is the celeb face of this new fragrance. This is really nice feminine fragrance, not overly powerful, a typical Lacoste scent, but still I'm sure this will be quite popular.

The bottle is really cute, I thought it looked kind of like a tennis ball, and apparently that's what its supposed to be! Game, set and match for me! Not very original for Lacoste using the sports theme again, but I know they are a sports brand and I guess 'if it ain't broke why fix it'.

The notes in this are white flowers, bergamot and vanilla, so its a very clean scent. It's a great day to day fragrance for those who don't want a powerful daytime perfume.

It comes in 3 sizes; 30ml (£32.50), 50ml (£44.50) and 90ml (£59.99) and it is an eau de parfum so it will last well on the skin.

Phew! So there you have it, some new releases.

There are plenty more to come this year though so I'm sure I'll be kept bust smelling them and blogging my thoughts. And just to wet your appetite there will be a new Chloe, Gucci (mens and ladies) and Dior to come!!!!!!! I hope they live up to my expectations.  I have very high hopes.

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