Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Inglot Concealer

Like many others out there I suffer from really bad dark under eye circles. I have very dark pigmentation all around my eyes and find it very difficult to cover them. I have tried various eye treatments and concealers in my time but have yet to find my HG concealer (including Estee Lauder, mac, and pretty much ALL high street concealers!)

The problem I have with concealers is that they either do not provide enough coverage or they are full coverage and crease really badly under my eyes. Also concealers can look quite grey under my eyes which makes them more obvious and I hate that look! So that's a very long list of problems! :-(

But while I was in the Inglot store in Westfield (Shepherds Bush) I came across this concealer. It's called Inglot under eye concealer and costs £10, which is quite reasonable for a concealer. It comes with 10ml of product in a squeezy tube.

- Runny texture which means a little goes a long way
- Great colour match (the colour I have is MW1 which is a yellow based colour)
- Does not crease under the eyes
- Moisturising under the eyes
- Works really well all over the face not just under the eyes

- I hate the squeezy tube as I always squeeze out too much and I hate wasting product
- It does not provide full coverage which I need

Despite the problem with the coverage you can build it up to a medium coverage, but that's still not enough for me. So I find the best way to wear this concealer is when applying my foundation I use whatevers left on my brush around my eyes and then use this concealer on top.

I find it best to apply this with a concealer brush and then gently pat in with my my ring finger and I have to say despite the cons to this concealer I really do like it. But it's not my HG concealer, so I'm still on the hunt.

If you want this concealer or any Inglot product then if you hurry you can get 15% off all inglot purchases online with free delivery on the inlgot website (

Until next time...keep smiling

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