Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Nail of the moment!


So I'm sure there are many people out there who love and collect nail polish...like me! If you do then you must read on to find out about my latest discovery.

I love nail polishes that are a bit different so I'm always on the hunt for something new. Crackle effect nail polish-was all over that trend. Nail art pens-got them. Glitter polishes-have a rainbow of glitter! So in the search for something new I popped into boots and found the latest offering from 17.

They are of course the new magnetic polishes, and I instantly thought 'I must have them!' They retail for £5.99 which is great as the nails inc versions cost £13 (feelunique.com). The 17 polishes come in 4 colours: a grey, lilac, teal and blue. And because I couldn't decide on one I picked up two.

                                                                    (Blue and Teal)

This is definitely the type of nail polish which grabs people's attention and I got a lot of complements on my nails when I wore this.

                                                              (Me wearing the teal colour)

I applied 2 coats of this polish, the first time I applied a thin layer and let it dry. I found that this polish dried very quickly which is great because I have NO patience when it comes to waiting for nails to dry. After my nails were dry to the touch I applied the second layer and straight away placed the magnet (which is on the lid) onto my nails and held it for 10 seconds and voila you have instant nail effects!

I found that that this polish did not chip and lasted a whole week! By day 4/5 my nails did start to wear at the tips, but I work in retail and perfume, and that combination does not bode well for nails so I was very happy with how they lasted.

At the moment in boots when you buy two 17 products you get a free gift so if you want one, or two ;-) , now is the time to get them!

Until next time...keep smiling

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