Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Best Lip Balm EVER!!!!

Hi all!

That title up there….a bold claim…I know, but dare I say I think…no no I am 100% sure….that I have found the best lip balm ever!!!!

I have been on a mission, for many years now, to find a lip balm/treatment that would be able to tackle the Sahara desert of dryness that is my lips. No matter the weather no matter the time of year my lips are forever dry. I don’t know why. It makes me cry. (Hehe a little rhyme for you all).

I have honestly spent a small fortune on lip balms and treatments, I’ve pretty much tried them all…from Vaseline, to Carmex to Kiehls…all prices and shapes and sizes. None, unfortunately have been able to make my lips the way I want. That’s not to say they were all horrible, quite the contrary some were very good….but not great.

Now I have heard a few YouTubers talk about the Nuxe Reve de Miel, but aside from that I hadn’t heard much about this product, and I knew of the brand but it wasn’t on my skincare radar. However prior to my recent trip to Paris I researched on YouTube and blogs to see what people said were good products to buy and this little beauty popped up a few times. And each time the claims were high…I heard best lip balm batted around a few times, and that was more than enough for me to want to get this.

Here’s a breakdown of what I think…

* It smells amazing! Just like lemon cake…the Mr Kipling ones in particular…yummy!
* I love the texture it’s think and waxy and feels great on the lips
* You only need a small amount as it is so thick
* It sinks into the lips beautifully
* Its matt!! So no excessive shine or a slippy feeling on the lips, this is great especially if your wearing a satin or matt lipstick…or any lip product really
* It stays on your lips for ages (when I wear it overnight its still on my lips in the morning!)
* It leaves your lips feeling extremely moisturised and soft and I swear it makes them look fuller and plump
* I love the packaging; it comes in a small glass jar and has an expensive look to it. Perhaps not the best to carry but I don’t care! lol

I could go on and on about how much I love this, but I’ll stop there, I think you get the message!

Now I have checked and you can get this online quite easily, you can get it with free delivery from The price is £9.50 which some may say is a lot for a lip balm but I’ve had more expensive ones which weren’t half as good. I think it’s 100% worth the’s so amazing! Though it was cheaper in France…so if your ever near a French pharmacy grab this little beaut!!

So that’s all folks, do let me know your thoughts on this review. Also I’d love to hear what lip balms you would recommend, not that I really need one now....but the addict in me cannot resist!!

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Until next time…keep smiling :-)


  1. I love this lip balm too, like yourself I had tried so many before but it wasn't until I started to use this that I saw a significant difference :)
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

    1. Its so true, you can see an instant difference!

      Thanks for the comment x

  2. Thankyou for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment on my blog! This look amazing, do you know if they sell it in America?

    1. No worries! Yes it is amazing, im not sure if you can get it in America but I know the site I've recommended ( does free worldwide delivery so you can get it there!

      Thanks for the comment :-)

  3. I was so close to getting this online the other day, I wish I did now! Thanks for the great review, thinki shall just get it ha xxx

    1. omg you need this in your life...its amazing...ive got everyone hooked on it! lol

      Check out and enter my Giveaway!! :-)