Sunday, 20 October 2013

Barbie Leopard Nails!!

Hi all!

Today im back with a nail post, ive been practising my nail art and I have come up with this nail look....

It's barbie leopard nails!! Lol

It was very easy to do, I put together a little step by step guide if you'd like to know how it's done.

Step 1

Paint nails in bubblegum pink shade of your choice, all except the ring finger which you can paint black. 

Step 2 

Take a black nail art pen (you can get cheap ones from primark or Barry m) and draw leopard designs on half of your nail 

Just like this, and it's not difficult it's just messy semi-circles and random blobs! 

Step 4

You can leave your accent nail as plain black or I had a nail sticker which I put on. I thought the pink heart sticker was so cute so I had to incorporate it into this nail look. 

Step 5

Put on your favourite top coat and your good to go! And there it is...very simple nail art. 

Let me know your thoughts, what do you think of the look, will you be re-creating it?

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)


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