Tuesday, 20 March 2012

CLOSED - Giveaway Time!!!!!!! - CLOSED

Hi all!

Very sorry that this has been delayed I have been busy at work so wasn't able to get things sorted...but without further adieu here is my spring giveaway! :-)

This is just to say a little thank you to all of my fabulous followers who have taken the time to subscribe to my small blog. Thank you all very much! :-D

The Prizes

Let's start off with the good stuff, what you can win! lol

So there are:
- 2 collection 2000 hot looks nail polishes
- 1 Rimmel eyeliner
- 1 Rimmel eyeshadow
- 1 bracelet

As you can see there is a pastel/spring trend with the giveaway which I thought would be perfect, so you can wear the things straight away!

The Rules

1. You have to be a follower (new followers very welcome)
2. In the comments below you have to write 1. one thing you like about my blog and 2. one thing I
    could change/do to improve it.
3. This competition is only open to those in the UK (sorry!)
4. Names will be selected using random.org
5. Competition will close 31st March at 12.00am


- 1 entry for answering the 2 questions
- 1 extra entry for blogging about giveaway (please provide link)

And finally GOOD LUCK to you lovely people! :-)


Until next time keep smiling :-)


  1. 1. I love how informative your product reviews are :)

    2. Could improve the background, it's a little dark.

    I love your blog though and this is such a good giveaway :) xx

  2. 1. Very interesting reviews with great pics :D

    2. I would use white text instead of grey but that's just me! :)

    Thanks for doing this, the giveaway goodies are perfect for spring!

  3. 1) I love how much thought and effort goes into your reviews (they're not just half-hearted "I liked this"!) and you seem to like the same kind of things as me so that's good!

    2) I agree about the background, I don't think it really suits what you post about, it's a bit dark! :)

    Loving your blog though even though I'm a newbie to it! :)

    whatrebeccasaid.blogspot.com xxxxxxx

  4. 1. I like how informative your reviews are!
    2. I agree about the background being a bit too dark

    Thanks for doing the giveaway, I love your blog


  5. 1) i love how informative your posts are and you seem very friendly with comments you leave!

    2) i think you should make your backround lighter and make it easier to read :)

    Such a nice giveaway! i will put a picture link in my sidebar of your giveaway until it finishes x


  6. Great giveaway :) the bracelet looks really pretty :)
    1) For me I love love love love your reviews, they're really useful :)
    2) And personally I totally agree with everyone else about the background, it makes the text a little tricky to read as it doesn't stand out as much x

  7. Cool post, i really like your blog and found it from a comment you left on a another blog. Would you like to follow each other?
    If you have facebook, I would be really gratful if you like my page: http://www.facebook.com/newyorkdoll


  8. 1) I really enjoy the mix of content, the way its not just review after review (although I do love your reviews!)
    2)Sometimes I find it hard to read the white writing against the background

    Thanks for doing this.

  9. 1. I like your detailed reviews.
    2.I agree about the background :)

    and I also love every single lovely comment you leave on my blog :)

  10. Too bad I can't enter :P But it's a fab giveaway anyways :) You're being so kind :) I spotted your address on New York Doll, and thought I'd support your blog by following :)

    See you around! xoxo ♥

  11. Following you back :)


  12. Can't participate either so please don't take this as an entry, I just thought I'd go ahead and give you some input anyway.

    I also love your reviews as they're so detailed and very helpful.
    The background I don't like very much, because its translucent. Thats definitely just a preference of mine though and if you like it like that by all means keep it. Just had nothing else I disliked. (:


  13. Love those pastels!

    1. I love how you give so much information in your posts. for example, it was great when you mentioned your hair type when talking about the l'oreal Eversleek because it helps me realise whether it would be good for me or not.

    2. There's not much I don't like but I do find it a little hard to read with the dark, translucent background.


  14. 1. I love the content of your posts, always very honest.
    2. Two tiny things I would say, slightly bigger pictures as it can be a little difficult to see content & a different background would help being able to see pictures a little better :)

    Jade xxx