Thursday, 15 March 2012

Loreal EverSleek Shampoo + Conditioner

Hi all!

So I just got a bottle of the new Loreal Eversleek shampoo and conditioner and thought I'd share my initial thoughts. I've only used it once but I can generally tell after 1 wash whether I like a haircare product or not, then I give it time to see if it really makes any difference.

I actually entered a competition for a chance to win these and I did!!! I was very happy as I'm in the market for a new haircare range.

My Hair

So a little about my hair type, I have quite dry hair which is neither too fine or too thick, its in the middle somewhere. My hair is very long, past my elbows, and it falls out a heck of a lot and it does frizz a bit too, nothing major but still annoying.

The Product Claim

'Specifically designed for coarse and frizzy hair, the EverSleek Smoothing & Nourish range is a Smoothing Care System with non-sulphate cleansing and smooth conditioning care. The formula's are enriched with botanical sunflower extract, and help nourish and smooth the hair, for a frizz controlled look.'

The Science what does this mean, well the products are sulphate free which means they do not contain sodium laurly sulphate which is a chemical which creates the thick lather in shampoo and removes oily residue. This is a chemical which can irritate the scalp and cause dryness, and though the shampoo may not lather as much without it, it will help your hair in the long run by making it softer and more silky.

The products are also silicone free and paraben free which means there are no unwanted chemicals or 'bad stuff' in this shampoo! They are all also 100% vegan friendly so anyone can use them without any problems.This is all great news for my hair.

Both the shampoo and conditioner are enriched with botanical sunflower extract which help nourish and smooth the hair and that's how it smooths the frizz.

The Results

I really like it! :-)

The way I used it was I shampooed my hair twice, then I conditioned it, I generally leave the conditioner on for about 10 mins. I found that as expected the shampoo did not lather as much as I like, the first wash it barely lathered at all, the second wash it it a bit. I guess if you want to use products which are chemical free then this is the compromise you have to make.

I let my hair air dry (as I always do) and I honestly found my hair felt quite smooth. It wasn't soft and really amazing to touch but it had definitely controlled my frizz, my hair wasn't flying all over the place! Amazing :-)

In terms of adding moisture to my hair I can't say its done that yet, I think I'll have to use it a few more times to see if its as good in this department as I cant tell at the moment. But so far this looks like a winner. I've checked in my local Boots and Superdrug and couldn't find this range yet (I was in a rush so maybe I just missed it), but you can get it on the Boots website and it's on offer (here).

But I will keep you updated, I do really hope I've found my perfect HG shampoo and conditioner!

Will you be trying this new range?

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)


  1. i will def. try this! hope it works for me too! nice tip ;) xx

    1. Thanks hun! Do let me know how you find it :-)


  2. Hey I just tagged you in my get to know me tag, feel free to check it out and join in :)


  3. A really comprehensive review, thank you! I spied these for sale in Boots and was intrigued, maybe I'll give em a try. Looking foreward to reading more of your blog :)

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate the comment :-)