Monday, 26 March 2012

Outfit of the Day!

Hi all!

Hope everyone in the UK is enjoying the lovely weather :-) and wherever you are hope the weather is good too!

So I went out on Sunday and thought I'd show you what I wore, the weather was lovely...not hot but warm for the most part.

My Outfit

What I wore:
- Purple shirt dress from Primark
- Black skinny jeans from New Look
- Black boots from Debenhams


- Black DKNY handbag with gold studs and detailing

- Michael Kors rose gold watch (which I've decided needs to be worn and not just admired! lol)

So what are your thoughts on my outfit?

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Until next time...keep smiling :-)


  1. Lovely outfit, very beautiful! That watch is gorgeous too :) I've been loving this weather but have been much scruffier, lol!

    1. Ah thank you Faye! :-)

      And I know about scruffy days...we all have them ;-)

  2. Looking gorgey as usual! loving the watch. I've asked for a micheal kors watch for my birthday but can't decide which one? Missin you my lovey! for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts :D


    1. Thank you my lovely! Missing you too :-) You've made the right pressie choice! lol. I love them all so which ever you get will be fab.

      Dont forget to enter my giveaway :-) xxx

  3. you look so lovely! love this color of your dress! this chiffon with boots pairing is the best!

    p.s. i follow you on gfc and bloglovin! hope you will follow back!

    xoxo, andie

    1. Thank you! :-) I love the contrast of the dress with boots too.

      And I'm following you already my lovely xxxx

  4. I really like your concept of the unknown blogger. It's refreshing in the world of "I always want to show my face everywhere". And of course it keeps me interested=)

    Have to follow you now, perhaps one day I'll see your face;)

    Kisses from Berlin

    1. lol thank you! :-)

      And I always say...never say never ;-)

  5. Love the dress very much,see you again.
    I can resist everything except Abercrombie and Fitch UK