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Valentines Gifts - For Her

Hi all!

So this is second instalment for all the men who need a little help when it comes to buying gifts, a lot of the time they don't have a clue what you want no matter how many hints you give them. It's in their nature! lol. So this gift guide is designed for them to get you something you would love, so try and direct them to this to give them a little help.

Chocolates and Flowers

This is the classic gift to get the lady you love, it may be old school but girls always appreciate a lovely bouquet of flowers and a luxury box of chocolates! I suggest heading to Thornton's as they do lovely chocolate boxes and they can wrap them up for you too for a small cost. As for the flowers I would go to a florist and try getting a custom made bouquet with your partners favourite flowers incorporated. If you don't know what they are then red roses are always good!


It's pretty much guaranteed that a lady would love to receive a lovely fragrance for Valentines, my picks are a variation of classic and new. I would suggest shopping around, this time of year there are offers on perfumes and you can normally get a bit of a discount. So here they are...

Ralph Lauren Romance, this is the ultimate Valentines fragrance it's sweet, floral and feminine and a classic which never dates. Also there is normally an offer with this fragrance for Valentines, you can usually get a free box of chocolates with 2 gifts for the price of 1! You really can't go wrong with it.

J'adore by Christian Dior is another great classic fragrance for Valentines, if you didn't know it means love! :-) It' a floral fragrance which is sophisticated, glamorous and feminine, a great combination in a very popular perfume. The bottle is very elegant too and us girls love to have pretty bottles to put on our dressing tables. It is a bit more pricey but well worth it if you have the budget, I would highly recommend it.

Finally there's Valentina by Valentino, this is a new fragrance but amazing nonetheless. It is a sensual floral which is lovely on the skin, the bottle is also beautifully designed with ceramic flowers on in. So it looks great and smells divine, this would be a great one if your partner has all the classics and would prefer something modern and feminine.


Candles are a great gift idea, they last for ages and they smell lovely and create a great atmosphere. A bit of Jo Malone would go down great, there a bit more expensive but the quality is amazing. One I would recommend is 'Pomegranate Noir' which is a fruity fragrance with a mix of spice (£38 here). Also great are Yankee candles, I love the 'Mango Peach Salsa' it's a fruity smell as the name would suggest. The bigger candles are better value and they have a stronger smell so they would be a great choice. You can normally get them in Clinton's but I would check on line as you can sometimes find them cheaper.

A nice piece of jewellery can get you major bonus points, and it doesn't have to cost a lot of money either. This can be a necklace, bracelet, ring etc. and you can buy things from Debenhams or spend a bit more in a Jewellers like Swarovski who do crystal jewellery. Warren Jame does cheaper jewellery which are lovely. A pair of drop earrings is a good idea and can be worn with many outfits, or you could go for a pendant with a nice coloured stone, red being the obvious colour.

This one is from Swarovski for £133
You can get these on sale from Warren James
 for £24.99 (here)

It always shows your thoughtful if you get your partner something personalised, they will treasure it forever and love you for doing something personal. Now this doesn't have to be something big or expensive, you can just get her a personalised card. I'm sure you've seen the adverts for Moonpig, so head on over. They have a wide selection of designs to choose from and you can add your own text (her name), a poem even a picture. (click here)

Hope this has been helpful, do let me know your thoughts.

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  1. This is fab! Does give great ideas... Will defo be directing people towards this post! :-)

  2. Such a cute collections,
    I like ear-rings and pendents.
    See information on gifts for her